KBC 7 – Episode 13 – October 5

Questions from episode 13 dated October 5, 2013 from KBC Season 7

GBBJ Question from October 5 Episode 13
Q: According to Hindu Mythology, which of these was a brother of God Krishna ?
A. Ram B. Balram C. Arjun D. Parsuram
Ans: B: Balram
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FFF Q1: Starting from the first, arrange these occasions in the order in which they are celebrated annually, in India, according to the western calendar
A: Teacher’s Day B: Valentine’s day C: Children’s day D: New Year’s Day

FFF Q2: Arrange the following names as they would appear in a Hindi dictionary?
A: Chitrangada B: Parineeti C: Kangana D: Yami

FFF Q3: Arrange these tourist attractions in order from west to east
A:L Mahabodhi Temple B: Hawa Mahal C: Howrah Bridge D: Gwalior Fort

Q(5000): Which of these food preparations is the standard accompaniment with ‘litti’ ?
A. Kulcha B. Chhola C. Chokha D. Kachori
Ans : C. Chokha

Q(10000): Which of these phrases means ‘feeling very angry’ ?
A. Nak Bahna B. Paseena tapakna C. Ansu Bahna D. Khun Kholna
Ans : D. Khun Kholna

Q(40000): According to the Bhagavad Gita, which of these cannot be cut by a weapon, burnt by fire, dissolved by water or dried with air?
A. Aatma B. Yasha C. Dhan D. Yog
Ans : A. Aatma

Q(80000): Which of these treatments causes hair loss?
A. Chemotherapy B. Virotherapy C. Speleotherapy D. Physiotherapy
Ans : A. Chemotherapy

Q(160000): Which of these rivers origination in India and joins the Ganges in Bangladesh ?
A. Bagmati B. Damodar C. Mahananda D. Son
Ans : C. Mahananda

Q(160000): Who is the first captain to win all the ICC Trophies World T20, World Cup and Championship Trophy ?
A. Kumar Sangakkara B. Ricky Ponting C. Graema Smith D. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Ans : D. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Q(320000): The United Nations has adopted 2013 as the International Year of which food ?
A. Millet B. Quinoa C. Bajra D. Oat
Ans : B. Quinoa

Q(640000): Which team first won the Durand Cup football tournament in 1940 and most recently, 2013 ?
A. East Bengal Club B. Mohun Bagan C. Dempo Sports Club D. Mohammedan Sporting
Ans : D. Mohammedan Sporting

FFF Q1: Arrange these Hindi phrases from top to bottom according to the human body parts mentioned in them.
A: Haath Uthhana B: Zubaan Chalana C: Matha Phodna D: Pair Pakadna

FFF Q2: Starting with the lightest, arrange these weights in the increasing order
A: One Gram B: One Quintal C; One Kilogram D: One Metric Tonne

FFF Q3: Starting with the earliest, arrange these films directed by Karan Johar in order of their release
A; Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham B: My Name is khan C: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai D: Student of the year

Q(5000): Tandoori, Khasta and Missi are all types of what ?
A. Dal B. Rice C. Roti D. Vegetables
Ans : C. Roti

Q(10000): Which of these is true about a leap year ?
A. Has only 28 days in February B. Has 366 days in a year C. All months have 30 days D. Has only 365 days in a year
Ans : B. Has 366 days in a year

Q(20000): Which of these animals is depicted in a zodiac sign?
A. Octopus B. Turtle C. Spider D. Crab
Ans : D. Crab

Q(80000): The diseases of which kind of animals are described in ‘Hastayurveda’, a book related to animal diseases ?
A. Elephants B. Cows C. camels D. Goats
Ans : A. Elephants

Q(160000): Which team won the inaugural edition of the Indian Badminton League?
A. Hyderabad Hotshots B. Awadhe Warriors C. Pune Pistons D. Mumbai Masters
Ans : A. Hyderabad Hotshots

Jackpot: Which city is the capital of Kenya?
A: Mombassa B: Nairobi C: Kampala D: Addis Ababa
Ans: B: Nairobi