KBC 7 – Episode 11 – September 28

Questions from episode 11 dated September 28, 2013 from KBC Season 7

GBBJ Question from september 28 Episode 11
Q; Which of these places of worship is also called as “Girza Ghar”?
A: Church B: Gurudwara C: Masjid D: Jain Mandir
Ans: A: Church
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Q(2500000): Which country’s national anthem has different lyrics for each of the country’s four official languages – French, German, Italian, and Romansh ?
A. Liechtenstein B. Austria C. Switzerland D. Romania
Ans : C. Switzerland

Ques : Which of Sarojini Chattopadhyaya’s writings so impressed the Nizam of Hyderabad that he granted her a scholarship for higher studies in England ?
A. The Lady of the Lake B. The Broken wing C. Suttee D. Mehar Muneer
Ans : D. Mehar Muneer

FFF Q1: Arrange these song lyrics acc to the items mentioned in them from top to bottom of the body parts where the items are worn
A: Choodi Kankegi B: Kajra Behkega C: Bindiya Chamkegi D: Payal Bajegi

FFF Q2: Starting wth the first, arrange these stages in the life of a tree in order of its growth
A: Stem formation B: Fruiting C: Seeding D: Branching

FFF Q3: Arrange these political parties in chronological order of their forming
A: Aam Admi Party B: Indian National Congress C: BJP D: CPI(M)

Q(5000): What is ‘Shuddh Desi’, according to the title of a recent film starring Parineeti Chopra ?
A. Ghee B. Romance C. Aam D. Girl
Ans : Romance

Q(10000): Which of these can be ‘right’ , ‘acute’ or ‘reflex’ ?
A. Circles B. Triangles C. Angles D. Squares
Ans : C. Angles

Q(20000): In Which of the following places would you find yaks in their natural habitat?
A. Ladakh B. Shekhawati region C. Chota Nagpur plateau D. Vidarbha
Ans : A. Ladakh

Q(80000):In the Mahabharata, who invited Draupadi to sit on his thigh, after Yudhishthira was defeated in a game of dice?
A: Radheya B: Dushasana C: Duryodhana D: Vikarna
Ans: C: Duryodhana

FFF Q1: Starting with the cheapest, arrange these edible items sold in Indi in increasing order of their cost per kg
A: Desi Ghee B: Sarson Ka Tel C: Salt D: Sugar

FFF Q2: Arrange these roman numerals in increasing order
A: X B: V C: IX D: VI

FFF Q3: Arrange these musical milestones associated with A R Rahman in chronological order
A: Release of Roja B: Release of Raanjhanaa C: Oscar Award D: Filmfare Award for Rangeela

Q(5000): Which of these sweet dishes looks like Jalebi ?
A. Kalakand B. Imarti C. Baloo Shahi D. Sohan papdi
Ans : B. Imarti

Q(10000) : In Indian law, which of these words refers to a person below the age of 18 ?
A. Navjat B. Nasamajh C. Namurad D. Nabalig
Ans : D. Nabalig

Jackpot: Who captained India during the Tri-Series in West Indies in 2013 after M S Dhoni was injured?
A: Raina B: Rohit Sharma C: Viral Kohli D: Dinesh Karthik
Ans: C; Viral Kohli

Q(40000): In the Ramayana, which of these kings was cursed that he would die out of agony of separation from his son ?
A. Dashrath B. Rama C. Bharata D. Janaka
Ans : A. Dashrath

Q(80000): On 16 Sep 2013, who became the first woman of Indian origin to win the Miss America title ?
A. Bindhu pamarthi B. Debelah Morgan C. Nina Davuluri D. Aarti Mann
Ans: C. Nina Davuluri