KBC 7 – Episode 10 – September 27

Questions from episode 10 dated September 27, 2013 from KBC Season 7

GBBJ Question from september 27 Episode 10
QWhich character created by Sarat chandra Chattoupadhay pines for Paro’s love?
A. Girish B. Chunilal C. Shekhar D. Devdas
Ans: D: Devdas
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Q(80000): According to the Ramayana, whom did Raja Bhagirath request to reduce the flow of Ganga when she arrives on Earth?
A: Shiva B: Himalaya C: Parvati D: Kartikeya
Ans; A: Shiva

Q(160000): Who is the director of National Film Award winning films ‘Chokher bali’ in Bengali, ‘Raincoat’ in Hindi and ‘ The Last Lear’ in English?
A. Gautam Ghose B. Rituparno Ghosh C. Buddhadeb Dasgupta D. Aparna Sen
Ans : B. Rituparno Ghosh

Q(320000): What is the most abundant mineral in the human body ?
A. Iron B. Calcium C. Zinc D. Sodium
Ans : B. Calcium

Q(640000): In what sport did India win a bronze in the Junior Women’s World Cup in Germany in 2013?
A. Hockey B. Football C. Volleyball D. Basketball
Ans : A. Hockey

Q(1250000): Who was bestowed with the ‘Rani Laxmibai Stree Shakti Award’ by President Mukherjee on International Women’s Day in 2013 ?
A. Spirit of Nirbhaya B. Courage of Malala Yousafzai C. Women of India D. Victims of acid attack
Ans : A. Spirit of Nirbhaya

Q(2500000):Who among these women has been elected as a Member of Parliament on different occasions on congress and BJP tickets ?
A. Hema Malini B. Maneka Gandhi C. Yashodhara Raje Scindia D. Najma Heptullah
Ans : D. Najma Heptullah

Q(5000000): Which is the coldest place in India ?
A. Yusmarg B. Kulgam C. Drass D. Leh
Ans : C. Drass (Second coldest inhabited place in the world after Siberia)

FFF Q1: Arrange these words in the correct orde to form the title of a 2013 film.
A: Poster B: Hero C: Nika D: Phata

FFF Q2: Arrange these countries from east to west
A: Syria B; Brazil C: Japan D: Afghanistan

FFF Q3: Arrange these wars in chronological order
A: Indo-China war B: First World war C: Second World War D: Iran-Iraq War

Q(5000): According to a Hindi Song, which of these is yamla Pagla Deewana?
A. Chhora B. Jatt C. Munda D. Puttar
Ans : B. Jatt

Q(10000): With respect to jobs, what does ‘padonnati’ denote?
A. Credit of salary B. Resignation C. Promotion D. Appointment
Ans : C. Promotion

Q(40000): Which of these films was inspired by the fake CBI raids in the 1980s ?
A. Blood Money B. Talaash C. Chakravyuh D. Special 26
Ans: D: Special 26

Q(80000): What surname do the businessmen Ghanshyam Das, Krishna Kumari Basant Kumar, Aditya Vikram and Kumar Mangalam share ?
A. Ambani B. Tata C. Birla D. Bajaj
Ans : C. Birla

Q(160000): Which of these is measured in ‘cusec’ (cubic foot per sec)?
A: Mineral Deposit B: Water Flow rate C: Cosmic Distance D: Atmospheric Pressure
Ans: B: Water Flow

Q(320000): Which tennis player won her first Grand Slam in Jul 2013?
A: Victoria Azarenka B; Francesca Schiavone C: Sabine Lisicki D: Marion Bartoli
Ans; D: Marion Bartoli

Q(640000): According to the Ramayana, for which king did Rishi Vishwamitra create a new Swarga?
A: Bhagirath B: Trishanku C; Sagara D: Dilipa
Ans: B: Trishanku

Jackpot Q: On 11 Aug 2013, which political party led by Subramanian Swamy merged with the BJP?
A: Rashtriya Lok Dal B: Rashtriya Lok Manch C: Janata Party D: Rashtriya Janata Dal
Ans: C: Janata Party

Q(1250000): According to Guinness World Records, what is the largest Carnivore on land ?
A. Polar Bear B. Grizzly Bear C. Royal Bengal Tiger D. Gorilla
Ans: A. Polar Bear

Q(1250000): Which of these states or Union Territories has had two consecutive Woman chief ministers ?
A. Uttar Pradesh B. Tamil Nadu C. Bihar D. Delhi
Ans : D. Delhi