KBC 6 – Episode 9 Questions

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 9 – September 23 2012

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 23/09/2012 ( Friday )
Which of these Hindi words is used to represent 100?
A: Dashak B: Dahahe C: Shatak D: Saptah
Answer: C: Shatak

Q: What has the Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier bought by India been renamed as?
A: INS Viraat B: INS Samudragupta C: INS Vikramaditya D: INS Bramhaputra
Ans: C: INS Vikramaditya

Q: What was the code-name of the Hyderabad Police Action undertaken to get Hyderabad State to become part of India in 1948?
A: Operation Checkmate B: Operation Polo C: Operation Meghdoot C: Operation Python
Ans: B: Operation Polo

Q: Which surgeon performed the first human liver transplant in 1963?
A: Dr James D Hardy B: Dr. Norman Shumway C: Dr. Thomas E Starzl D: Dr. William Kelly
Ans: C: Dr. Thomas E Starzl

Q: Who has been the youngest president of the Indian National Congress?
A: Rajiv Gandhi B: Sarojini Naidu C: Sir Henry Cotton D: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
Ans: D: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

fastest Finger Question:
Starting from the top and moving down, arrange these items according to the body parts they are applied on
A: Surma B: Alta C: Sindoor D: Bindiya
Answer: C-D-A-B

Q: Which of these items is the main ingredient of “Shrikand”?
A: Ice Cream B: Curd C: Rice D: Besan
Ans: B: Curd

Q: What is the Marathi language channel of Doordarshan called?
A: DD Sahyadri B: DD Saptagiri C: DD Bharti D: DD Chandana
Ans: A: DD Sahyadri

Q: Vasundhara Raje Scindia was the first female chief minister of which state?
A: Rajasthan B: Madhya Pradesh C: Chhattisgarh D: Maharashtra
Ans: A: Rajasthan

Q: Identify this song from the prelude (Guitar piece)
A: Senorita B: Maiya Maiya C:Ainvayi Ainvayi D: Jhallah Wallah
Ans: C:Ainvayi Ainvayi

Q: Which city in Madhya Pradesh is known for the legendary love story of Baz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati?
A: Anjaneri B: Mandu C: Dabhoi D: Chanderi
Ans: B: Mandu

Q: In which sport has Deepika Kumari and Rahul Banerjee represented India at the 2012 London Olympics?
A: Rowing B; Gymnastics C: Archery D: Shooting
Ans: C: Archery

Q; Where in Gujarat is the Tata Nano plant located?
A: Porbandar B: Khambat C: Anand C: Sanand
Ans: D: Sanand

fastest finger first question:
Arrange these words of a Hindi saying in the correct order:
A: Sona B: Bech C: Kar D: Ghode
Ans: D-B-C-A

Q: Which of the is the name of a vegetable or fruit?
A: Seetaphal B: Manthara Phool C: Kaikeyi Jad D: Mandodari Pushp
Ans: A: Seeta Phal

Q: The TV Comedy series on SAB ‘____ Ki Duniya’ is based on the books and works of which of these cartoonists?
A: Shankar B: R K Laxman C: Sudhir Tailang D: Pran
Ans: B: R K Laxman