KBC 6 – Episode 6 Questions

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 6 – September 16 2012

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 16/09/2012 ( Sunday )
Q: In which of these games does the instrument used to play the ball looks similar to the English alphabet “J”?
A) Hockey B) Baseball C) Tennis D) Badminton
Answer: A) Hockey

Ques : In Which city is wasseypur situated ?
A. Dhanbad B. Ranchi C. Patna D. Varanasi
Ans : Dhanbad

Ques :Which historic tragedy is highlighted in Amrita Pritam’s novel ‘ Panjar’?
A. Jallianwala Bagh Massacre B. 1984 Riots C. Emergency D. Partition
Ans: D. Partition

Ques : Alex Paul Menon, who was kidnapped in April 2012, is the first Collector of which of these districts ?
A. Bastar B. Bilaspur C. Sukma D. Dantewada
Ans : C. Sukma

Ques : Which team won the Santosh Trophy football tournament in 2012 ?
A. Services B. Railways C. Bengal D. Tamil Nadu
Ans : A. Services

Ques : Which of these pairs of colours share their name with variants of tea ?
A. Blue and Brown B. Black and Green C. Red and Orange D. Yellow and Violet
Ans : B. Black and Green

Ques : In the TV Serial ‘Bade Ache Lagte Hain’ who does the little girl Pihu call Golu Uncle ?
A. Ram Kapoor B. Rajat Kapur C. Vikram Shergill D. Karthik Sharma
Ans : A. Ram Kapoor

Ques : The full name of which of these IPL teams contains the word “India” ?
A. Knight Riders B. Daredevils C. Warriors D. Royal Challengers
Ans : C. Warriors

Ques :Which two countries hosted the 2012 UEFA European Football Championships ?
A. Austria and Switzerland B. Belgium and Holland C. Poland and Ukraine D. Spain and Portugal
Ans : C. Poland and Ukraine

Ques : Which entrepreneur’s autobiographical work is tilted ‘ It Happened in India’ ?
A. N R Narayana Murthy B. Vijay Mallya C. P Gopinath D. Kishore Biyani
Ans : D. Kishore Biyani

Ques : Which leader said to cartoonist Shankar, Don’t spare me’ when he inaugrated Shankar’s Weekly in 1948 ?
A. B R Ambedkar B. Jawaharlal Nehru C. Mahatma Gandhi D. Rajendra Prasad
Ans : B. Jawaharlal Nehru

Ques : What was the name of the Italian ship that was detained in Kerala in February 2012 ?
A. costa Concordia B. Calo Duilio C. Enrica Lexia D. Etna
Ans : C. Enrica Lexia

Ques : Which of these is a type of a traditional game ?
A. Nayan Mohini B. Mrig Nayani C. Nayan Taara D. Ankh Michauli
Ans : D. Ankh Michauli

Ques : Which of these has parts called the ‘ Antra’ and the ‘Mukhda’ ?
A. Dialogue B. Song C. Speech D. Dance
Ans : B. Song

Ques : Which of these units of weights is the largest ?
A. Quintal B. Gram C. Ton D. Kilogram
Ans : C. Ton

Ques : Who among these conquerors was the first to invade India ?
A. Timur B. Nadir Shah C. Ahmad shah Durrani D. Babur
Ans : A. Timur

Ques :What was the little of India’s first feature film made by Dadasahed Phalke ?
A. Ram Rajya B. Kaliya Mardan C. Raja Harishchandra D. Alam Ara
Ans : C. Raja Harishchandra