KBC 6 – Episode 58 – January 26 – Last Episode of KBC

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 58 – January 26 2013

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Ques6 for Rs1,60,000: Which of these vice president of India was earlier chief minister of his state?
A) Zakir Hussain B) V V Giri C) Bhairon Singh Shekhawat D) R Venkalaraman
Ans is C) Bhairon Singh Shekhawat

Ques: Which of these terms is used for a state of political hostility characterized by threats or propaganda between countries?
A) Summer War B) Cold War C) Rainy War D) Spring War
Ans is B) Cold War

Ques: In 2011, who replaced Gary Kirsten as the coach of the Indian Test cricket team?
A) Dav Whatmore B) John Wright C) Duncan Fletcher D) Gerg Chappel
Ans is C) Duncan Fletcher

Ques: Who founded the political party National People’s Party(NPP) in January 2013?
A) Amar Singh B) B S Yeddyurappa C) P A Sangama D) Keshubhai Patel
Ans is C) P A Sangama

Ques: During the start of his political life, Sher Shah Suri was the ‘jagirdar’ of which place?
A) Rohtak B) Sasaram C) Mathua D) Darbhaga
Ans is B) Sasaram

Ques: Which state or UT of India is divided into four districts – all named after the four cardinal directories?
A) Sikkim B) Goa C) Manipur D) Chandigarh
Ans is A) Sikkim

Ques: Who holds the record of being elected to the Lok Sabha for the most number of terms?
A) Atal Bihari Vajpayee B) Indrajit Gupta C) PM Sayeed D) Babu Jagjivan Ram
Ans is B) Indrajit Gupt

Ques7 for Rs3,20,000: What was the name of Jain tirtankar Mahavira’s wife?
A) Devaki B) Rohini C) Subhadra D) Yashoda
Ans is D) Yashoda

Ques 10 for 25,00,000: Which of these Indian currency notes does not have the special geometrical shape that helps the visually impaired denominations?
A) Rs 100 B) Rs 50 C) Rs 1000 D) Rs10
Ans D) Rs 10

Ques : Starting from the northernmost , arrange these capital cities in clockwise direction .
A. Mumbai B. Kolkatta C. Delhi D. Chennai

Ques : What is the meaning of the Hindi proverb “Sitti pitti gum hona” ?
A. To dance B. To get Scared C. To Scream D. To get angry

Ques : Which of these items is also known as “Sigdi” ?
A. Razai B. Jooti C. Angeethi D. Hukka

Ques : Emulsion, primer and undercoat are all terms connected with what ?
A. Painting B. Knitting C. Sewing D. Cooking
AnsL A. Painting

Ques : Which of these is the name for a kind of shot in badminton ?
A. Bounce B. Yorker C. Drop D. Bout
Ans: C.Drop