KBC 6 – Episode 57 – January 25

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 57 – January 25 2013

GBBJ Question from 20/01/2013 (Friday)
Q: If you are driving “Chappu ” , Then It mean that you are traveling with……?
Option : A) bail Gadi (Bullock Cart) B) Tanga ( carriage ) C) Doli D) Naav (Boat )
Ans: D) Naav (Boat )

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Q3,20,000: Which is the least populated state of India?
A) Manipur B) Arunachal Pradesh C) Sikkim D) Goa
Ans is C) Sikkim

Q6,40,000: Who wrote the poem ‘Hum Panchi Unmukt Gagan Ke’?
A) Shivmangal Singh ‘Suman’ B) Ayodhya Singh Upadhyay ‘Hariaudh’ C) Suryakanth Tripathi ‘Nirala’ D) Jayshankar Prasad
Ans is A) Shivmangal Singh ‘Suman’

Ques for Rs12,50,000: In which edition of the Olympics did women participate for the first time?
A) Paris, 1900 B) London, 1908 C) Antwerp, 1920 D) Berlin, 1916
Ans is A) Paris, 1900

Ques for Rs25,00,000: Which of these did Bimbisara, the king of Magadha, get as dowry on marrying the daughter of the king of Kosala?
A) Pataliputra B) Kashi C) Anga D) Vaisali
Ans is B) Kashi

Ques for Rs50,00,000: Who amount these was the first lady Air Marshal of the Indian Air Force?
A)Lakshmi Sehgal B)Padmavathy Bandopadhyay C)Nirmala Kannan D)Puneeta Arora
Ans is B)Padmavathy Bandopadh

Ques4 for Rs40,000: Who is the singer of ‘Pi’s Lullby, the Oscar-nominated song from the movie ‘Life of Pi’?
A) Mahalakshmi Iyer B) K S Chithra C) Bombay Jayashri D) Suchitra
Ans is C) Bombay Jayashri

Ques5 for Rs80,000: With reference to genetics, which of these would best describe DNA and RNA?
A) Base B) Acid C) Salt D) Metal
Ans is B) Acid

Ques7 for Rs3,20,000: After which of these personalities, one time Lieutenant Governor of Punjab, is a suburb in Dharamshala named?
A) Lord Dalhousie B) Sir Donald McLeod C) Sir Edward Bames D) Lord Lansdowne
Ans is B) Sir Donald McLeod

Ques8 for Rs6,40,000: Kaiser-i-Hind, found mostly in Nepal and the north-eastern part of India, is a rare species of which type of organism?
A) Fish B) Butterfly C) Bee D) Lizard
Ans is B) Butterfly

Ques9 for Rs12,50,000: According to the Mahabharata, which of these characters got married through a swayamvara?
A) Madri B) Gandhari C) Kunti D) Satyavati
Ans is C) Kunti