KBC 6 – Episode 55 – January 19

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 54 – January 18 2013

GBBJ Question from 19/01/2013 (Saturday)
Thanedar yani thane ke pramukh se kya kaha jata hai?
Which of the following mean head of Police Station “Thanedaar ” ?
A) Kirani B) Hawaldar C) Daroga D) Munshi
Ans: C) Daroga

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4(40,000): What do the five rings of the Olympics represent?
A) Five games b) Five languages C) Five continents D) Five oceans
Ans : C) Five continents
The Olympic symbol represents the union of the five regions of the world and the meeting of athletes from throughout the world at the Olympic Games. However, no continent is represented by any specific ring. Prior to 1951, the official handbook stated that each color corresponded to a particular continent: blue for Europe, yellow for Asia, black for Africa, green for Australia and Oceania and red for America (North and South considered as a single continent)

6(1,60,000): Lockjaw is a symptom of which of these disease?
A) Tetanus B) Cholera C) Plague D) Diphtheria
Ans is A) Tetanus

7(Rs 3,20,000): Bharatpur Bird Century was named Keoladeo Ghana National Park after a temple dedicated to which God or Goddess?
A) Kali B) Yama C) Kuber D) Shiva
Ans: D) Shiva
The sanctuary was created 250 years ago and is named after a Keoladeo (Shiva) temple within its boundaries. Initially, it was a natural depression; and was flooded after the Ajan Bund was constructed by Maharaja Suraj Mal, the then ruler of the princely state of Bharatpur, between 1726–1763.

8(6,40,000): With which religion would you associate the practice of Santhara fasting unto death?
A) Jainism B) Sikhism C) Shintoism D) Buddhism
Ans: A) Jainism

10(12,50,000): The cricket Test series played between India and England in India is contested for which trophy?
A) Pataudi Trophy B) Anthony de mello trophy C) M A Chidambaram Trophy D) Gooch Gavaskar Trophy
Ans: B) Anthony de mello trophy
Anthony De Mello trophy instituted in 1951 in the name of the first secretary of the BCCI, recognizing his contribution to Indian cricket

Ques : Which of these tourist attractions is situated on an island ?
A. Ellora Caves B. Ajanta Caves C. Kanheri Caves D. Elephanta Caves
Ans: D. Elephanta Caves

4(40,000): Which of these actress is married to a professional golfer?
A) Chitrangada Singh B) Celina Jaitly C) Esha Deol D) Ayesha Takia
Ans is Chitrangada Singh married to Indian golfer Jyoti Randhawa

5(80,000): According to the Devi, Bhagavata, from the tears of which god is the rudraksha tree believed to have been created?
A) Vishnu B) Shiva C) Nhrama D) Kamadeva
Ans is B) Shiva

6(1,60,000): Which of these is a chemical element present in the periodic table?
A) Eurocium B) Americium C) Asiacium D) Africium
Ans is B) Americium

7(3,20,000): Which of these world champions is a parent of twins?
A) Sushil Kumar B) M C Mary Kom C) Vishwanathan Anand D) Gagan Narang
Ans: B) M C Mary Kom

8(6,40,000): Which of these is not a work of Kalidas?
A) Raghuvamsham B) Meghadutam C) Vikramorvasiyam D) Kadambari
Ans: D) Kadambari

9(12,50,000): What was the first ministerial portfolio held by Indira Gandhi?
A) Home Affairs B) Information & Broadcasting C) Science & Technology D) Education
Ans is B) Information & Broadcasting