KBC 6 – Episode 54 – January 18

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 54 – January 18 2013

GBBJ Question from 18/01/2013 (Friday)
In the Film ” OMG Oh My God ” Kanji Bhai filed a case against whom for the damage of his shop due to an earthquake ?
Option : A) Bharat mata B) Parliament ( Bhartiya Sansad ) C) Mumbai city D) Bhagwan ( God )
Ans: D) Bhagwan ( God )

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9(12,50,000): What is the new name of the Hyderabad franchise that would replace Deccan Charges in IPL6?
A) Sun Chargers B) Nizam Jyothi C) Andhra Aces D) Sun risers Hyderabad
Ans: D) Sunrises Hyderabad

10(25,00,000): In India, under which Union Ministry does the ‘Rajbhasha Vibhag’ function?
A) Home Affairs B) HRD C) Culture D) Law & Justice
Ans A) Home Affairs

Fastest Finger First Question :
Ques : Arrange these mountains peaks in decreasing order of their height above sea level
A. Kanchenjunga B. K2 C. Mount Everest D.Nanda Devi
Ans : C-B-A-D

1(5000): According to a proverb, what is said to be ‘the mother of invention’ ?
A. Society B. Problem C. Science D. Necessity
Ans : D. Necessity

2(10000): Floor exercise, vault, and uneven bars are events in which sport ?
A. Synchronised Swimming B. Gymnastics C. Skating D. Wrestling
Ans : B. Gymnastics

3(20000): Which actress got married to Siddharth Roy Kapur in 2012 ?
A. Prachi Desai B. Lisa Ray C. Vidya Balan D. Sushmita Sen
Ans : C. Vidya Balan

4(40000): Which among these is an Island country ?
A. Yemen B. Maldives C. Oman D. Peru
Ans : B. Maldives

6(160000): what has been e currency of Greece sine 2002?
A. Euro B. peso C. Drachma D. Lira
Ans. A. Euro

7(320000): Which constituency does Abhijit Mukherjee represents in the 15th Lok Sabha ?
A. Jadavpur B. Birbhum C. Jangipur D. Midnapore
Ans: C.Jangipur

8(640000): which Indian sportsperson was awarded the “order of Australia” award in 2012?
A. Saina Nehwal b. sachin tendulkar c. Sania mirza d. Rahul dravid
Ans. b. sachin tendulkar

9(1250000): Which incarnation of Vishnu appeared when the demon king Bali ruled the entire universe ?
A. Rama B. Varaha C. Vamana D. Parashurama
Ans: C: Vamana

10(2500000): to whom did Ravindranath Tagore dedicate his book ‘visva parichay’ written on science?
A. C v raman b. jagdish chandra Bose c. P c Roy d. Satyendra nath Bose
Ans. d. Satyendra nath Bose

11(50000): Which of these ships was not part of Christopher Columbus’s first voyage in 1492 ?
A. Nina B. La Gorda C. Pinta D. Santa Maria
Ans : B. La Gorda

FFF. Starting from the earliest, arrange these actress in the order in which their first film was released?
A. Sonakshi. Sinha b. John chawla c. Sara Banu d. Kajol