KBC 6 – Episode 53 – January 13

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 53 – January 13 2013

GBBJ Question from 13/01/2013 (Sunday)
Which god is also known as “Dasrath Nandan’?
A: Ram B: Agni C:Ganesh D: Karthikeyan
Ans: A: Ram

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5(80000): which of these devices convert alternating current or AC into direct current or DC?
A: Inverter B: Transformer C; Rectifier D: Transmitter
Ans: C; Rectifier

6(160000): Who won the formula one Indian Grand Prix for the second time on 2012?
A; Kimi Raikkonen B: Lewis Hamilton C: Jensen Button D: Sebastian Vettel
Ans; D: Sebastian Vettel

7(320000): Most of the world’s population of the greater one-horned rhinoceros inhabits which national park in India?
A; Manas National Park B: Kaziranga National Park C: Kanha National Park D: Gorumara National Park
Ans; B: Kaziranga National Park

8(640000): Which of these terms in not named after a Nobel Laureate?
A: Raman Effect B: Chandrasekhar Limit C: Ramanujan number D: Sen Index
Ans: C: Ramanujan number

1(5000): which of these proverbs means “to get very frightened”?
A: Dimaag Phirna B: Jee Jalna C: Roo Kampna D: Aankhen Churana
Ans: C: Roo Kampna

2(10000): Which of these geometrical shapes has the least number of sides?
A: Cube B: Pentagon C: Square D: Triangle
Ans; D: Triangle

3(20000): Which of these folk songs derives its name from the name of Hindi month?
A: Kajari B: Chaiti C: Sohar D; Hori
Ans: B: Chaiti

4(40000): In the Mahabharata, what art did Eklavya teach himself by practising in front of a status of Dronacharya, who he considered his Guru?
A: Mace Fighting B: Spear Throw C: Sword Fighting D: Archery
Ans; D: Archery

6(160000): Sachin tendulkar playes his last one day international match against which country?
A: Australia B; Sri Lanka C: Pakistan D: England
Ans: C: Pakistan

7(320000): Who among these is maternal grandson or granddaughter of Dr.Zakir Hussain, the third president of India?
A: Salman Khurshid B: Khurshid Alam Khan C: Ghulam Nabi Azad D: Najma Heptulla
Ans: A: Salman Khurshid

8(640000): Which of these is a part of the name of a tiger reserve situated in Bihar?
A: Janaki B: Mahavira C: Valmiki D: Ashoka
Ans; C: Valmiki

9(1250000). In the context of space exploration, what does the P in PSLV stand for?
A: Planet B: Polar C: Power D: Point
Ans: B: Polar

10(2500000): Which of these constituencies has been represented in the Lok Sabha by a father and daughter both?
A: Amethi B: Sasaram C: New Delhi D; Gwalior
Ans; B: Sasaram
Jagjivan Ram in (1962) and his daughter Meira Kumar (in 2004)