KBC 6 – Episode 51 – January 11

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 51 – January 11 2013

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 11/01/2013 (Friday)
In Cricket, “round the wicket” and “over the wicket” represent what ?
A) Wicket-keeping B)Bowling C)Batting D)Commentary
Ans: B)Bowling

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2(10000): According to the song from ‘Sholay’, “Koi Haseena Jab Rooth Jaati Hai, Toh Aur Bhi_____________ ” ?
A. Rangeen Ho Jaati Hai B. Shareef Ho Jaati Hai C. Namkeen Ho Jaati Hai D. Haseen Ho Jaati Hai
Ans : D. Haseen Ho Jaati Hai

3(20000): Which of these is a type of traditional embroidery from Punjab ?
A. Bandhani B. Chikankari C. Phulkari D. Kantha
Ans : C. Phulkari

1(5000): Which of these is traditionally served with Bhature?
A: Aloo Gobhi B: Butter Chicken C: Chholey D: Dal Makhni
Ans: C: Chholey

10(25,00,000): Which of the only planet of our Solar System that rotates in a clockwise direction around its own axis?
A) Earth B) Jupiter C) Mars D) Venus
D) Venus

All the planets of the Solar System orbit the Sun in a counter-clockwise direction as viewed from above the Sun’s north pole. Most planets also rotate on their axis in a counter-clockwise direction, but Venus rotates clockwise (called “retrograde” rotation) once every 243 Earth days—the slowest rotation period of any planet.

11(50,00,000): According to the Mahabharata, who made Gandiva, the famous bow of Arjuna?
A) Brahma B) Indra C) Chandra D) Prajapati
A) Brahma

FFF: Arrange the following actors in the increasing order of the number of films they have acted in
A: Varun Dhawan B: Ranveer Singh C: Shah Rukh Khan D: Anil Kapoor

1(5000): Which of these Hindi expressions will describe a sycophant or a flatterer?
A: Makhichoos B: Lemonchoos C: Khadoos D: Chaploos
Ans: D: Chaploos

2(10000): A fruit of which of these trees has more than one seed?
A: Mango B: Jamun C: Tamarind D: Litchi
Ans: C: Tamarind

3(20000): In which of the sports do players not change their end during a match?
A: Tennis B: Chess C: Football D: Hockey
Ans: B: Chess

4(40000): who among these is also known as Meghraj and Amresh?
A: Kubrea B: Vishwakarma C: Yamraj D: Indra
Ans: D: Indra

6(1,60,000): In the story of Vikram & Betal, Vikram is the king of which place?
A) Ujjain B) Kashi C) Mathura D) Prayag
A) Ujjain

7(1,60,000): Who did Shivraj Singh Chauhan succeed as the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh?
A) Babular Gaur B) Uma Bharti C) Digvijay Singh D) Sunderlal Patwa
A) Babular Gaur

8(3,20,000): Which of these rivers does not originate in India?
A) Ravi B) Brahmaputra C) Beas D) Gomti
B) Brahmaputra

9(12,50,000): Who won the Battle of Panipat that was fought in the eighteenth century?
A) Sadeshivrao Bhau B) Akbar C) Ahmed Shah Abdall D) Sher Shah Suri
C) Ahmed Shah Abdall

10(25,00,000): Whose biography is titled ‘Ek Thi Rani Aisi Bhi’, written by Mridula Sinha?
A) Rani Lakshmibai B) Gayatri Devi C) Indira Gandhi D) Vijayaraje Scindia
D) Vijayaraje Scindia

FFF: Arrange these personalities in the increasing order of the number of times they were sworn in as prime minister of India.
A: Manmohan Singh B: Atal Bihari Vajpayee C: Indira Gandhi D: P V Narsimha Rao