KBC 6 – Episode 50 – January 6

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 50 – January 06 2013

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 06/01/2013 (Sunday)
Q: Which of the following name means “Person of long age “?
Option : A) Abhitabh B) Arunodaya C: Abhishek D: Ayushmaan
Ans: D: Ayushmaan

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FFF:Arrange these words in the correct order to form a Hindi Proverb
A: Dum B: Karna C: Naak D: Mein

1(5000): How is the call of a chicken usually expressed?
A: Denchu Dencu B: Kukro Koo C: Peehu Peehu D: Guta Goo
Ans; B: Kukro Koo

2(10000): Seeds of which of these flowers are used to produce a edible oil ?
A. Genda B. Guldaudi C. Arhul D.Surajmukhi
Ans: D.Surajmukhi

3(20000): According to a TV ad, Which duo goes to the tailor and says , “Masterji, pitaji ki patloon ek bilang chhoti kar do” ?
A. Hari-Harish B. Santa-Banta C. Ramesh -Suresh D. Ajay – Vijay
Ans: C. Ramesh -Suresh

4(40,000): In which sport has Jwala Gutta been a 13-time National Champion?
A) Badminton B) Chess C) Squash D) Table Tennis
Ans is A) Badminton

5(80000); Identify the film from the song (Goonja sa hai koi ektara iktara)
A: Rockstar B: Luck by chance C: Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani D: Wake up Sid
Ans; D: Wake up Sid

6(1,60,000): Which of these organs helps in maintaining the sense of balance or equilibrium of our body?
A) Nose B) Ears C) Tongue D) Lungs
Ans is B) Ears

Ques : Starting from the earliest , arrange these events associated with Pakistan in chronological order
A. Benazir Bhutto became PM B. Formation of Pakistan C. Kargil War D. Formation of Bangladesh

1(5000): Which of these proverbs means the same as ‘Hosh Udna’ or ‘Hosh thikane lagna’?
A: Biwi pe pyar aana B: Daant Dikhana C: Naani Yaad aana DL Hay Tauba Machana
Ans: C: Naani Yaad aana

2(10000); People from which of these professions are most likely to use ‘aari’, ‘basula’ and ‘burma’ at their work?
A: Tailor B: Carpenter C: Washerman D: Painter
Ans; B: Carpenter

3(20,000): Which of the following animals do not have external ears?
A) Cat B) Snake C) Rat D) Bat
Ans is B) Snake

4(40000): Identify the singer (Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaye)
A: Kishore Kumar B: Mahendra Kapoor C: Mohammad Rafi D: Mukesh
Ans; D: Mukesh

5(80000): Which of these Union portfolios have Dinesh Trivedi, Mukul Roy & Pawan kumar Bansal all held at some point in 2012?
A) Coal B) Railways C) Chemicals & fertilizers D) Commerce & study
Ans is B) Railways

6(1,60,000): Which of these national parks, reserved for tigers, is named after a river?
A) Dudhwa B) Sunderbans C) Indrawati D) Kanha
Ans is C) Indrawati

7(3,20,000): Who was the Chairman of the Drafting committee of the Constituent of India?
A) Rajaendra Prasad B) B R Ambedkar C) Vallabhbhai Prasad D) G V Mavalankar
Ans is B) B R Ambedkar

8(6,40,000): Which of these Indian cricketers made his Test Debut in 2012?
A) Abhinav Mukund B) Ajankia Rahane C) Ravindra Jadeja D) Rohit Sharma
Ans is C) Ravindra Jadeja

9(Rs12,50,000): At which of these places did Chanakya get Chandragupta Maurya trained in the art of war and politics?
A) Takshashila B) Kashi C) Ujjain D) Naianda
Ans is A) Takshashila