KBC 6 – Episode 5 questions

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 5 – September 15 2012

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 15/09/2012 ( Saturday )
Q: Which of these is a type of reference book that lists words and their meanings in alphabetical order ?
A) Shabdjaal B) Nishabd C) Shabdkosh D) Shabd-Sur
Answer: C) Shabdkosh

Ques No 01: Which of these phrases is often used to describe a close childhood friends ?
A. Roomali dost B. Langotia yaar C. Gamchha friends. D. Dhoti mitra
Ans : B. Langotia yaar

Ques No 02: What is the name of Lord Vishnu’s Chakra ?
A. Chakrapani B. Chakravarti C. Surya Chakra D. Sudarshana Chakra
Ans : D. Sudarshana Chakra

Ques No 03: ‘ In 3 Idiots’, what does Rancho define as “Instruments that records analyse, summarize, organize, debate and explain information … ” ?
A. Machine B. Computer C. Books D. Tape Recorder.
Ans : C. Books

Ques No :04:In which State would you find the district of Kokrajhar ?
A. Chhatisgarh B. Odisha C. Assam D. Madhya Pradesh
Ans : C. Assam

Ques No :05: At which venue did Sachin Tendulkar achieve an ODI score of 200 not out ?
A. Roop Singh, Stadium Gwalior B. Eden Gardens, Kolkatta C. Wankhede, Mumbai D. Chinnaswamy, Bengaluru
Ans : A. Roop Singh, Stadium Gwalior

Ques No :06:What was the name of the rover sent by NASA that landed on Mars in August, 2012 ?
A. Odyssey B. Discovery C. Challenger D. Curiosity
Ans : D. Curiosity

Ques No :07: At the instigation of Mughal prince Salim, whom did Bir Singh Bundela assassinate ?
A. Birbal B. Raja Daniyal C. Abul Fazi D. Raja Mansigh
Ans : C. Abul Fazi

Ques No :08: Which is the only district in India that shares its boundary with four states ?
A. Saharanpur B. Sonbhadra C. Garhwa D. East Singhbhum
Ans : B. Sonbhadra

Ques No :09: Who is the oldest person, at the age of 90, to have won the Nobel Prize ?
A. Raymond Davis Jr B. Doris Lessing C. Leonld Hurwicz D. Yolchiro Nambu
Ans : C. Leonld Hurwicz

Next fastest finger first question:
Arrange the following powers or dynasties in the order in which they first ruled in India from Delhi
A: The British B: Mughals C: Chauhans D: Lodies
Answer: C-D-B-A

Q1: What does the Hindi Proverb “Haath Malna” mean?
A: Repent B: Rolling TObacco C: Shake Hands D: Wrestle
Answer: A: Repent

Q2: In 1996, RBI introduced bank notes in what series?
A: Jawaharlal Nehru Series B: Mahatma Gandhi Series C: Bharat Mata Series D: Bharat Ratna Series
Answer: B: Mahatma Gandhi Series