KBC 6 – Episode 46 – December 29

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 46 – December 29 2012 – Jodi Special

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 29/12/2012 (Saturday)
RASH/Prickly heat (Ghamoriyan) is associated with?
A) Hair B) Skin C) Nails D) Eyes
Ans is B) Skin

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Today’s fastest finger first question :
Ques :Starting from the earliest , arrange these pairs in chronological order of their first appearance together in Hindi films.
A. Salman Khan – Katrina Kaif B. Raj Kapoor – Nargis C. Shah Rukh Khan – Kajol D. Rajesh Khanna – Mumtaz
Ans: B-D-C-A

Ques : Which of these flowers have prickles on their stems ?
A. Genda B. Kamal C. Gulab D. Rajanigandha
Ans : C. Gulab

Ques : Which of these organs are found only in women ?
A. Appendix B. Ovaries C. Large Intestine D. Pancreas
Ans : B. Ovaries

Ques : In Which of these sports are a “ball” , “gloves” and “helmet” part of playing equipment ?
A. Hockey B. Volleyball C. Tennis D. Badminton
Ans: A: Hockey

Ques : According to Islamic tradition ,in which month was the holy Quran revealed to the Prophet Mohammad?
A. Muharram B. Dhu al – Hijjah C. Ramadan D. Rajab
Ans: C. Ramadan

Q: In which of these sectors was 51% FDI permitted by the Government of India in 2012?
A) Multi-brand retail B) Healthcare C) Life Insurance D) Civil Aviation
Ans is A) Multi-brand retail

Ques : Which of these metals or non-metals is the main constituent of both brass and bronze ?
A. Carbon B. Lead C. Copper D. Silver
Ans: C: Copper

Ques : Kanchenjunga is widely regarded as the guardian deity of which state ?
A. Assam B. Arunachal Pradesh C. West Bengal D. Sikkim
Ans: D: Sikkim

Ques : On which of these routes does India’s fastest passenger train run ?
A. New Delhi – Bhopal B. New Delhi – Jaipur C. Mumbai – Pune D. New Delhi – Lucknow
Ans: A) New Delhi-Bhopal

jackpot: As a captain, which cricketer holds the record for winning the most number of tests?
A: Graeme Smith B: Ricky Ponting C: Steve Waugh D: Arjuna Ranatunga
Ans: B: Ricky Ponting

Ques : Who is the only woman author to get the Jnanpith Award for Hindi literature ?
A. Shivani B. Subhadra Kumari Chauchan C. Mahadevi Varma D. Krishna Sobti
Ans is C) Mahadevi Verma

Ques : The first woman president of India, Pratibha Patil, was the first woman governor of which state ?
A. Maharashtra B. Rajasthan C. Gujarat D. Goa
Ans: B) Rajasthan

Ques : Where was Mughal empress Mumtaz Mahal originally buried in 1631 ?
A. Agra B. Burhanpur C. Gwalior D. Lahore
Ans: B) Burhanpur

Next fastest finger question :
Ques : Arrange these ports in the order in which you will come across them, while traveling from Gujarat to Odisha by sea route.
A:Visakhapatnam B: Kandla C: Paradip D: Mangalore
Ans: B-D-A-C

Q: Which of these is a kind of song to make children fall asleep?
A: Chori B: Mori C: Lori D: Hori
Ans; C: Lori

Q: Which of these is the name of a drink consumed by Hindu Gods?
A: Amrit Boond B: Madhu Pan C: Ksheer Sagar D; Som ras
Ans: D; Som ras