KBC 6 – Episode 44 – December 22 – School Champs

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 44 – December 22 2012

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 22/12/2012 (Saturday)
Out of these film characters, who says to her elder sister “Didi there dewar Diwana, hai ram kudiyo ko dale dana” ?
A) Puja B) Mohini C) Nisha D) Anjali
Ans: C: Nisha

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Q: Which of these is a unit of weight and also a unit of currency in Great Britain?
A) Ounce B) Cent C) Pound D) Euro
Ans is C) Pound.

Q: Identify the lead singer of this song. Song -> “Dinkh Chikka ding Chikka”
Ans. Mikka Singh

Q: On the bank of which river is the city of Jammu located?
A) Satluj B) Tawi C) Tapi D) Jhelum
Ans is B) Tawi

Q: Who created the character of Mowgil, a boy raised by wolves?
A) Jim Corbatt B) Enid Blyton C) Ruskin Bond D) Rudyard Kipling
Ans is D) Rudyard Kipling

Q: Till Dec 2012, which of these Indians cricketers has scored a double century in Test Cricket?
A) Yuvraj Singh B) Cheteshwar Pujara C) Virat Kholi D) Suresh Raina
Ans is B) Cheteshwar Pujara

Q: Which of these freedom fighters was also known as the “Frontier Gandhi”?
A) Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan B) Shah Nawaz C) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad D) Syed Ahmad Khan
Ans is A) Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

Q:Which of these animals digest their food outside their body?
A) Caterpillar B) Cricket C) Termite D) Spider
Ans is D) Spider

Q: The Largest moon of which planet is named Titan?
A) Jupiter B) Neptune C) Saturn D) Uranus
Ans C) Saturn

Q: Who, during his days in prison, wrote an essay titled ‘Why i am Atheist?’?
A) Bhagat Singh B) Michael Madhusudan Dutt C) Subhas Chandra Bose D) Motilal Nehru
Ans is A) Bhagat Singh

Next Fastest Finger First Question :
Starting with the topmost, arrange these bones from top to bottom in the order in which they appear in a human body.
A. Femur B. Rib C. Skull D. Pelvis
Ans : C-B-D-A

Ques : Which of these names is associated with the name of rapper and pop singer Honey Singh ?
A. Lo Lo B. Po Po C. Mo Mo D. Yo Yo
Ans : D. Yo Yo

Ques : According to an act of the Govt. of India, there is a ban on the sale of which products within a radius of 100 yards of educational institutions ?
A. Chocolate B. Cold Drinks C: Tobacco D: Tea
Ans: C: Tobacco

Q: As of November 2012, who holds the record for the total cumulative spacewalk time by the female astronaut?
A) Shannon Lucid B) Sunita Williams C) Peggy Whitson D) Susan Helms
Ans is B) Sunita Williams

Q: In which ocean is the EI Nino formed?
A) Indian B) Atlantic C) Pacific D) Arctic
Ans is C) Pacific

Q:Which Sikh Guru was imprisoned at Gwalior Fort by Emperor Jahangir?
A) Guru Gobind Singh B) Guru Nanak C) Guru Hargobind D) Guru Tegh Bahudur
Ans is C) Guru Hargobind

Q: Which of these is not a memorial dedicated to a member of the Nehru-Gandhi family?
A) Shakti Sthal B) Vir Bhumi C) Shanti Van D) Vijay Ghat
Ans is D) Vijay Ghat