KBC 6 – Episode 43 – December 21 – School Champs Special

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 43 – December 21 2012

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 21/12/2012 (Friday)
s According to Hindu mythology who drinks the vish “Kaal-Kut” obtained from ‘Sagar manthan ‘ ?
Option : A) Ganga B) Shiva C) Vishnu D) Durga
B) Shiva

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Ques : Complete this Hindi proverb : “Padhoge likhoge banoge_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ”
A. Faulad B. Nawab C. Lajawab D. Malamal
Ans : B. Nawab

Ques : Which of these numbers comes first while counting from 1 to 100 ?
A. Unsath B. Unhattar C. Unnaasi D. Unchaas
Ans : D. Unchaas

Ques : ‘To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction’ is Newton’s what law of motion ?
A. Third B. First C. Second D. Fourth
Ans : A. Third

Ques : Which of these is not a book written by Chetan Bhagat ?
A. Five Point Someone B. The 3 Mistakes of my Life C. Revolution 2020 D. The White Tiger
Ans : D. The White Tiger

Ques : The name of which of these states and its capital city starts with the same English letter ?
A. Uttarakhand B. Karnataka C. Sikkim D. Maharastra
Ans : D. Maharastra

Ques : According to the Puranas, which of these women married a man despite the fact that she knew he had only a year to live ?
A. Gandhari B. Savitri C. Madri D. Shakuntala
Ans : B. Savitri

Ques : Which country sent women athletes to compete in the Olympics for the first time in 2012 ?
A. Iraq B. Turkey C. Saudi Arabia D. Afghanistan
Ans : C. Saudi Arabia

Ques : Who, along with George Fenton, composed the music for Richard Attenborough’s Oscar winning film ‘Gandhi’ ?
A. Satyajit Ray B. Pt Ravi Shankar C. Ustad Zakir Hussain D. Pt. Shivkumar Sharma
Ans : B. Pt Ravi Shankar

Ques : Dhondu Pant was the real name of which of these leaders of the revolt of 1857 ?
A. Tatya Tope B. Nana Saheb C. Kunwar Singh D. Baji Rao II
Ans: B. Nana Saheb

Next fastest finger first question :
Ques : Starting with the northernmost , arrange these places, situated along the banks of the Ganga, moving in the direction of its flow ?
A. Haridwar B. Gangotri C. Allahabad D. Ganga Sagar.

Ques : Which of these is an international code of distress signal as well as an abbreviation of a Hindi film title ?
Ans : SOS

Ques : On the banks of which river is the city of Jammu located ?
A. Sutlej B. Tawi C. Tapi D. Jhelum
Ans : B. Tawi