KBC 6 – Episode 41 – December 15

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 41 – December 15 2012

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 15/12/2012 (Saturday)
At a normal temperature, what happens when a magnet comes close to a piece of iron?
A; It “Pigals”(melts) B: It “Gals”(dissolves) !! C: It “Jams” (hardens) D: It sticks (chipak)
Ans: D: It Sticks

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Ques3 for Rs20,000: Which prime minister of India was a commercial pilot?
A) Morarji Desai B) Charan Singh C) Rajiv Gandhi D) Inder Kumar Gujral
Ans is C) Rajiv Gandhi

Q: Which of these terms would you prefix to Aloo to get the name of a dish?
A: Dhukka B: Dum C: Mukka D: Jhatka
Ans: B: Dum

Q: Which of these would you use to describe 3/4th of a kilo?
A: Paav B: Sava C: Pauna D: Aadha
Ans: C: Pauna

Ques for Rs80,000: Which Peshwa’s Love for a dance called Mastani is a popular love story?
A) Narayan Rao B) Raghunath Rao C) Baji Rao 1 D) Balaji Vishwanath
Ans is C) Baji Rao 1

Ques6 for Rs1,60,000: According to the Mahabharatha, whose name was Pritha, from which Arjuna got his alternative name ‘Partha’?
A) Pandu B) Kunti C) Krishna D) Draupadi
Ans is B: Kunti

Ques: Rs40,000: Which of these human body part is primarily used to perform Anulom-Vilom pranayam?
A) Eye B) Ear C) Nose D) Mouth
Ans is C) Nose

Ques: Rs80,000: In the stories of Rabindranath Tagore by which other name do we better know Abdur Rahman?
A) Postmaster B) Kabuliwallah C) Gora D) Pathan Chacha
Ans is B) Kabuliwallah

Ques: Rs1,60,000: Who won India’s First Olympic medal in Badminton?
A) Aparna Jha B) Syed Modi C) Prakash Padukone D) Saina Nehwal
Ans is D) Saina Nehwal

Ques Rs3,20,000: Who served as the CEO of CitiGroup from 2007 to 2012?
A) Vikram Pandit B) Vinod Ghosla C) Vinod Dham D) Micheal Corbat
Ans is A) Vikram Pandit

Ques Rs 6,40,000: Which of these positions has never been held by Dr Manmohan Singh in his entire career?
A) Member, Rajya Sabha B) Governor, RBI C) Member, Lok Sabha D) Finance Secretary, Govt. of India
Ans is C) Member, Lok Sabh

Ques for Rs12,50,000: Aboard which space shuttle did Kalpana Chawla travel into Space?
A) Columbia B) Discovery C) Exploration D) Galileo
Ans is A) Columbia

Ques : Arrange these living organism in increasing order of their normal size
A. Cockroach B. Mosquito C. Lizard D. Crocodile
Ans : B-A-C-D

Ques : Which of these is also known as ‘odhni’?
A. Topi B. Salwar C. Chudi D. Dupatta
Ans : D. Dupatta

Ques : Which of these devices is most likely to be affected by a virus ?
A. Washing Machines B. Mobile Phone C. CRT Television D. Air Conditioners
Ans : B. Mobile Phone

Ques : Which of these freedom fighters was also known as ‘Lok Nayak’ ?
A. Ram Manohar Lohla B. Bal Gangadhar Tilak C. Madan Mohan Malviya D. Jayaprakash Narayan
Ans :D. Jayaprakash Narayan

Ques : What sport do Tania Sachdev and Koneru Humpy play for India ?
A. Carrom B. Badminton C. Chess D. Squash
Ans : C. Chess