KBC 6 – Episode 40 – December 14

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 40 – December 14 2012

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 14/12/2012 (Friday)
What do you mean by “Bhor” in following line ” bhor bhaye panghat pe mohe natkat shyam sataye” ?
Option : A) Madhay ratare B) Prataha kall C: Sanjhe D: Godhule
Ans: B: Prataha kall

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Starting from the first arrange these personalities in the order in which they became President of India .
A. Shankar Dayal Sharma B. Pranab Mukherjee C. Pratibha Patil D. A P J Abdul Kalam
Ans: A-D-C-B

Ques :Which of these proverbs is used for someone who indulges in ‘khushamad’ ?
A. Aankhen Bichhana B. Daant Todna C. Taang Adaana D. Talve Chatna
Ans is D) Talve Chatna

Ques : Which of these TV series revolves around Jethalaal and his wife Daya Ben ?
A. Lapataganj B. Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah C. RK Laxman Ki Duniya D. Chidiya Ghar
Ans is B) Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah

Ques : What is the place where coins are minted called ?
A. Chaupal B. Rasatal C. Taksal D. Astabal
Ans is C) Taksal

Ques : Which of these is the name a technique common to both wrestling and swimming?
A. Freestyle B. Butterfly C. Greco-Roman D. Medley
Ans: A) Freestyle

Ques :Which of these places of historical battles is believed to be named after the colour of its soil or sand ?
A. Haldighati B. Plassey C. Panipat D. Buxar
Ans is A) Haldighati

Which of these sportsperson was awarded the Rajiv Gandhi khel Ratna in 2012?
A) M S Dhoni B) Sushil Kumar C) Vijya Kumar D) Abhinav Bindra
Ans is C) Vijya Kumar

Ques : In the Mahabharata, which of these kings married Duhsala, the only sister of the Kauravas ?
A. Jarasandha B. Somadatta C. Shishupala D. Jayadratha
Ans is D) Jayadratha

Ques : Which of these originated during the British Raj as Cachar Levy in 1835 ?
A. Madras Regiment B. Assam Rifles C. Jat Regiment D. Rajputana Rifles
Ans is B) Assam Rifles

Ques : Where did Sushma Swaraj, at the age of 25, become a minister for the first time in her career in 1977 ?
A. Madhya Pradesh B. Haryana C. Delhi D. Centre
Ans is B) Haryana

FFF Question : Starting from the first, arrange these Hindi phrases according to the human body parts mentioned in them from top to bottom .
A. Kamar Kasna B. Pair Jamaana C. Baal Pakna D. Aankh Maarna
Ans : C-D-A-B

Ques : The plant of which of these flowers grows in water ?
A. Rose B. Champa C. Chameli D. Lotus
Ans: D: Lotus

Ques : Which of these items are usually bought in a single piece, instead of buying as a pair ?
A. Mojri B.Dandiya sticks C. Gloves D. Sunglasses
Ans: D: Sunglasses

Ques : Which prime minister of India was a commercial pilot ?
A. Morarji Desai B. Charn Singh C. Rajiv Gandhi D. Inder Kumar Gujral
Ans: C. Rajiv Gandhi