KBC 6 – Episode 39 – December 9

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 39 – December 9 2012

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 09/12/2012 (Sunday)
Which mountain range is known as the “Guard of India”?
A: Vindhya B: Satpura C: Himalayas D: Karakoram
Ans: C: Himalayas

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Q: In which jail was the terrorist Ajmal Kasab hanged to death?
A: Yerawada Central Jail B; Taloja Central Jail C: Arthur Road Jail D: Thane Central Jail
Ans; A: Yerawada Central Jail

Q: Which of these is also measured in light years?
A; Speed B: Distance C: Pressure D: Electric Current
Ans; B: Distance

Q; Which god was the father of Arjuna, son of Kunti?
A: Indra B: Surya C: Agni D: Vaayu
Ans: A: Indra

Q: What was the first capital of the ancient kingdom of Magadha?
A: Vaishali B: Pataliputra C: Rajagriha D: Nalanda
Ans; C: Rajagriha

Q: Which of these cricketers has not hit six sixes in an over in First Class or International cricket?
A: Yuvraj Singh B: Ravi Shastri C: Herschelle Gibbs D: Sanath Jayasuriya
Ans; D: Sanath Jayasuriya

FFF: Arrange these words in the correct order to make a proverb
A: Saanch B: Aanch C: Ko D: Nahi
Ans: A-C-B-D

Q: Which of these colours gets its name from a fruit of the same colour?
A; Gulabi B: Firozi C: Jamuni D: Champai
Ans; C: Jamuni

Q: In which of these sports can a maximum of 4 players, including both sides, play at a time?
A: Boxing B: Polo C: Table Tennis D: Volleyball
Ans; C: Table Tennis

Q: Which of these drinks is rich in Vitamin C?
A: Lemon Juice B: Milk C: Coffee D: Tea
Ans: A: Lemon Juice

Q: Identify the film from this song (Chalte Chalte yehi Kohi)
A: Umrao Jaan B; Mughal-E-Azam C: Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam D: Pakeezah
Ans: D: Pakeezah

Q: Which of these chief ministers was elected to the UP Legislative Assembly in 2012?
A: Digvijay Singh B: Uma Bharti C: Vasundhara Raja Scindia D: Narayan Dutt Tiwari
Ans: B: Uma Bharti

Q: Dharamvir Bharati’s verse place “Andha Yug” is based on which ancient text?
A: Ramayana B: Mudrarakshasa C: Mahabharata D: Mrichchakatikam
Ans: C: Mahabharata

Q: Which of these states shares a boundary with both Nepal and China?
A: West Bengal B: Uttar Pradesh C: Uttarakhand D: Arunachal Pradesh
Ans: C: Uttarakhand

Q: Whose ancestral home is ‘Ganguly house’, located in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh?
A: Sourav Ganguly B: Sunil Gangopadhyaya C: Kajol D: Kishore Kumar
Ans: D: Kishore Kumar

Q; Which of these animals sleeps for the shortest duration in a 24 hour day?
A: Giraffe B: Tiger C: Cat D: rat
Ans: A: Giraffe