KBC 6 – Episode 38 – December 8

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 38 – December 8 2012

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 08/12/2012 (Saturday)
Which animal name will complete the line of this kid’s song “Lakdi Ki Kathi , Kathi Pe ……?
Option : A) Gadha B) Bandar C) Ghoda D) Bhains
Ans: C) Ghoda

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FFF: Starting with the closest, arrange these planets of our Solar system in increasing order of their distance from the sun.
A: Mercury B: neptune C: Mars D: Saturn
Ans: A-C-D-B

Q: Which of these phrases means “to bribe”?
A: Jeb Tatolna B: Collar uthana C: Pocket Garam Karna D: Baaju Chadana
Ans: C: Pocket Garam Karna

Q; A kick start is usually associated with which of these vehicles?
A: Car B: Motorcycle C; Train D; Autorickshaw
Ans; B: Motorcycle

Q: Which of these teams does not have a team in the 2012 edition of IPL?
A; Mumbai B: Delhi C: Kolkata D: Kochi
Ans: D: Kochi

Q: According to the opening credits, which Hindi film is based on the play Kishan vs Kanhaiya?
A: Kishen Kanhaiya B: Ladies vs Ricky Bahl C: Mittal vs Mittal D: OMG Oh My God!
Ans: D: OMG Oh My God!

Ques : Which of these diseases usually occurs due to the bite of Aedes mosquitoes ?
A. Malaria B. Dengue C. Filaria D. Typhoid
Ans: B. Dengue

Ques : Which is the only district in Jharkhand through which the river Ganga flows ?
A. Dumka B. Sahibganj C. Godda D. Deoghar
Ans: B. Sahibganj

Ques : Who has been the longest serving chairman of the Tata Group ?
A. Nowroji Saklatwala B. Sir Dorab Tata C. J R D Tata D. Ratan Tata
Ans: C. J R D Tata

Ques : 9 January was chosen as Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas to commemorate whose return to India ?
A. Mahatma Gandhi B. Subhas Chandra Bose C. Swami Vivekanand D: Raja Rammohun Roy
Ans: A. Mahatma Gandhi

Q: Whose autobiography is “My unforgettable memories”, which is dedicated to “Mom, Mati and Manush”?
A: Pranab Mukherjee B: Jyoti basu C: Tasleema Nasreen D; Mamata Banerjee
Ans: D; Mamata Banerjee

Ques : According to the Devi Bhagavata purana, which king performed a yagna to totally wipe out the naga dynasty ?
A. Parikshit B. Dilipa C. Suketu D. Janamejaya
Ans: D. Janamejaya

Next Fastest Finger First Question :
Ques : Starting with the smallest , arrange these leaves in the increasing order of their average size ?
A. Bay Leaf B. Banana Leaf C. Tulsi Leaf D. Tamarind Leaf
Ans: D-C-A-B

Ques : Which of these instruments is normally used for harvesting of crops ?
A. Favada B. Khurpa C. Hal D. Hansiya
Ans: D. Hansiya

Q: To whom is this Doha dedicated: ‘ Ramdoot atulit bal dhama, Anjani Putra pavansul nama’?
A: Ganesha B: Agni C: Hanuman D: Shiva
Ans: C: Hanuman

Q: The yellow part of which of these edible items is called ‘zardi’?
A: Egg B: Mango C: Papaya D: Turmeric
Ans; A: Egg

Q: On which actress is this song picturised?
A; Sridevi B: Madhuri Dixit C: Karisma Kapoor D: Raveena Tandon
Ans: B: Madhuri Dixit