KBC 6 – Episode 35 – December 1

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 35 – December 1 2012

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 01/12/2012 (Saturday)
Ques: Complete this hindi Kahavat “Dhoodh Ka Dhoodh Aur ………..”?
Option : A) ghee ka ghee B) Pani ka pani C) Makhaan Ka Makhaan D) Dahi Ka Dahi
Ans: B) Pani ka pani

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Fastest Finger First Question:
Ques : Starting with the northernmost , arrange these places of India from north to south.
A. Gurgaon B. Indore C. Mysore D. Kargil
Ans : D-A-B-C

Ques : In the context of food items, what are “Gujhiya” and “Khaaja” varities of ?
A. Sweets B. Soup C. Salad D. Cold Drinks
Ans : A. Sweets.

Ques : Which television show has the subtitle “Dastak” ?
A. CID B.Crime Patrol C. Adaalat D. FIR
Ans : B.Crime Patrol

Ques : Which of these colours are common to the Indian and Pakistani national flags ?
A. White and Blue B. Blue and Green C. White and Green D. Saffron and Green
Ans : C. White and Green

Ques : According to a story in the “Panchatantra”, whose heart did the crocodile’s wife want to eat ?
A. Human B. Frog C. Lion D. Monkey
Ans : D. Monkey

Ques : Transmission of HIV from HIV positive pregnant mother to her child can be prevented by which of these treatments ?
A. Vaccination B. Chemotherapy C. Antiretroviral Therapy D. Exchange of blood of newborn
Ans : C. Antiretroviral Therapy

Q: which of these tribes chiefly resides in kokrajhar and its surrounding districts of Assam?
A: Chakma B: Bodo C: Naga D: Santhal
Ans: B: Bodo

Q: After separating from Janata Dal, George fernandes and Nitish Kumar formed which party in 1994?
A: Janata Dal (U) B: Samata party C; Janata Dal (Secular) D: Rashtriya Janata Dal
Ans: B: Samata party

Ques : Starting from the first, arrange these celebrity pairs in chronological order of their marriage .
A. Saif-Kareena B. Abhishek- Aishwarya C. Ajay-Kajol D. Mahesh-Lara.
Ans : C-B-D-A

Ques : Complete the saying : ” Mehnga roye ek baar aur sasta ___________ ” ?
A. Roye baar baar B. Kharide hazaar baar C. Naache beech bazaar D. Hanse Kai baar.
Ans : A. Roye baar baar

Ques : Which of these metals has the highest melting point as well as the highest boiling point ?
A. Gold B. Silver C. Aluminium D. Platinum
Ans : D. Platinum

Ques : The Delhi house where Mahatma Gandhi spent his last day was the residence of which industrialist ?
A. Jamnalist Bajaj B. G D Birla C. K P Goenka D. Ambalal Sarabhai
Ans : B. G D Birla

Ques : According to the Ramayana, who among these was killed by Rama first ?
A. Subahu B. Maricha C. Bali D. Khara
Ans : A Subahu