KBC 6 – Episode 33 – November 25

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 33 – November 25 2012

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 25/11/2012 ( Saturday)
Q: Which of these is a month in the Islamic Calendar?
A: Salath B: Shahadah C: Ramadan D: Al Khamees
Ans: C: Ramadan

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Q: Which part of the human eye is used during an eye transplant?
A: Retina B: Iris C: Lens D: Cornea
Ans: D: Cornea

Q:Which was the forst film directed by Yash Chopra?
A: Daag B: Waqt C: Dhool Ka Phool D: Dharmputra
Ans:C: Dhool Ka Phool

Q: Which yoga guru’s autobiography is titled “Autobiography of a Yogi”?
A: Rajarsi Janakananda B: Paramahansa Yogananda C: Baba Ramdev D: Shyama Charan Lahiri
Ans: B: Paramahansa Yogananda

Q: Parupalli Kashyap represents India in which sport?
A: Boxing B: Shooting C: Tennis D: Badminton
Ans; D: Badminton

Q: Under whose captaincy did Deccan Chargers once become IPL champions?
A; Adam Gilchrist B: V V V laxman C: Kumar Sangakkara D: Shahid Afridi
Ans; A: Adam Gilchrist

Q: Which of these leaders holds the record of being the youngest as well as the oldest Chief minister of his state ?
A. N D Tiwari B. Prakash Singh Badal C. M Karunanidi D. Prem Kumar Dhumal
Ans : B. Prakash Singh Badal

Q: Which of these is the main ingredient of the famous sweet ‘Rosogolla’?
A: Besan B: Nariyal C: Chhena D: Ghee
Ans: C: Chhena

Q; Mogra and Juhi are types of what?
A: Flowers B: Ornaments C: Spices D: Musical Instruments
Ans; A: Flowers

Q: Which is the only finger in the human hand that contains two bones?
A: Forefinger B: Little Finger C: Ring Finger D: Thumb
Ans: D: Thumb

Q: Who is this singer, who won a National Award for this song? “yeh Ishq hai, Baite bitaye hai” from Jab we Met
A: Sadhana Sargam B: Shreya Ghoshal C: Shilpa Rao D: Sunidhi Chauhan
Ans: B: Shreya Ghoshal

Q: What is the name of the superstorm that hit the East Coast of USA in end October 2012?
A: Joshina B: Annie C: Sandy D: Andy
Ans: C: Sandy

Q: Which of these tennis players won his or her first Grand Slam title in September 2012?
A: Novak Djokovic B: Andy Murray C: Caroline Wozniacki D: David Ferrer
Ans: B: Andy Murray

Q: Which of these Chief Ministers of Jharkhand has been a Union Coal Minister of India?
A: Arjun Munda B: Babulal Marandi C: Madhu Koda D: Shibu Soren
Ans: D: Shibu Soren

Q: After whom is the yoga institute founded by Baba Ramdev near Haridwar named?
A: Panini B: Parasurama C: Patanjali D; Sushruta
Ans: C: Patanjali

Q: To which regiment of the Indian Army did Major Somnath Sharma, the first recipient of the Param Vir Chakra, belong?
A: Kumaon Regiment B: Dogra Regiment C: Mahar Regiment D: Garhwal Rifles
Ans: A: Kumaon Regiment

Q: Who among these is credited as India’s first woman photo-journalist?
A: Homai Vyarawalla B: Chandramukhi Basu C: Padmaja Naidu D: Cornelia Sorabjee
Ans: A: Homai Vyarawalla