KBC 6 – Episode 32 – November 24

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 31 – November 23 2012

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 23/11/2012 ( Saturday)
Ques: Which of these word mean “Adhyapak” in Hindi ?
In main Se Kis shabd ka arth hindi main adhyapak hota hai ?
Option : A) Aacharya B) Vaidya C) Vidhya D) Bramha
Answer: A) Aacharya

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Ques : Starting with the biggest, arrange these astronomical bodies of the Solar System in decreasing order of their size
A. Earth B. Jupiter C. Sun D. Moon
Ans : C-B-A-D

Ques 1 : What would you normally buy from a ‘Mishthaan Bhandar’ ?
A. Vegetables B. Sweets C. Medicines D. Clothes
Ans : B. Sweets

Ques 2 : Complete this Hindi proverb : “Kaam ka na kaaj ka __________ ” ?
A. Boli bole pahaad si B. Kapda pahne fashion ka C. Dushman anaaj ka D. Khoon peeye baap ka
Ans : C. Dushman anaaj ka

Ques 3 : Which comedian directed the television shows ‘Flop show’ and ‘Ulta Pulta’ ?
A. Rakesh Bedi B. Satish Shah C. Raghubir Yadav D. Jaspal Bhatti
Ans : D. Jaspal Bhatti

Ques 4 : What Substance gives human blood its distinctive colour ?
A. Haemoglobin B. Melanin C. chlorophyll D. Bile
Ans : A. Haemoglobin

Q: According to Hindu mythology, which of these events occurred in Mathura?
A: Draupadi’s Swayamvar B: Bhishma Pratigya C: Krishna’s death D: Kansa Vadh
Ans: D: Kansa Vadh

Ques 5 : Sikar, Nawalgarh, Dundlod, Mandawa, Fatehpur and Jhunjhunu together from which region in Rajasthan ?
A. Marwar B. Kachwaha C. Shekhawati D. Mewar
Ans : C. Shekhawati

Q: Which of these colours is not present in a rainbow?
A: Orange B; Yellow C: Pink D: Red
Ans: C: Pink

Ques 6 : Who was appointed the first chairman of India’s Atomic Energy Commission ?
A. Satish Dhawan B. Vikram Sarabhai C. Meghnad Saha D. Homi Bhabha
Ans : D. Homi Bhabha

Ques 7 : In ODI cricket , who holds the Indian record of scoring a century in the least number of balls ?
A. Virender Sehwag B. Kapil Dev C. Yusuf Pathan D. Md Azharuddin
Ans : A. Virender Sehwag

Ques 8 : Which of these banks was set up on 15 August 1907 as part of the ‘Swadeshi Movement’ ?
A. Syndicate Bank B. Central Bank of India C. Punjab National Bank D. Indian Bank
Ans : D. Indian Bank

Next Fastest Finger First Question :
Ques : Starting from the easternmost, arrange these cities that have hosted the Olympics from east to west
A. Sydney B. London C. Beijing D. Los Angeles
Ans : A. Sydney C. Beijing B. London D. Los Angeles

Ques : Which of these is the name of a plant which is usually kept in the house to bring good luck ?
A. Currency tree B. Money Plant C. Dollar Grass D. Dinar Shrub
Ans : B. Money Plant

Q: Which chess piece can move only diagonally?
A: King B: Queen C: Bishop D: Pawn
Ans: C: Bishop

Q: Which of these names means ‘imperishable’ or ‘undecaying’?
A: Akshay B: Abhay C: Aamir D: Anurag
Ans; Akshay

Q: In which film did this song feature? (Song: Gaata rahe mera dil)
A: Johny mera Naam B: Heeran Panna C: Jewel Thief D: Guide
Ans: Guide

Q: Which of these activists has served as an Indian revenue Service official?
A: Aruna Roy B: Manish Sisodia C: Arvind Kejriwal D: Medha Patkar
Ans: C: Arvind Kejriwal