KBC 6 – Episode 31 – November 23

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 31 – November 23 2012

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 23/11/2012 ( Friday)
In the film Sholay, what instrument does Jay play?
A: Bhansuri B: Guitar C: Mouth Organ D: Harmonium
Ans: C: Mouth Organ

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Ques : Which colonial power introduced the cultivation and consumption of cashew, potato, tomato and chilli to India ?
A. British B. Dutch C. French D. Portuguese
Ans : D. Portuguese

Q : In 1943, which industrialist established the United Commercial Bank , now known as UCO Bank ?
A. Jamnalal Bajaj B. Ambalal sarabhai C. Ghanshayam Das Birla D. Nowroji Saklatwala
Ans : C. Ghanshayam Das Birla

Ques : Starting with the earliest , arrange these scientific or mathematical discoveries in chronological order.
A. Concept of Zero B. Newton’s Laws of Motion C. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity D. Higgs boson particle
Ans : A-D-B-C

Ques 1 : Which of these is the name of a Multi-course meal in Kashmiri Cuisine ?
A. Wazwan B. Gushtaba C. Yakhni D. Rogan Josh
Ans : A. Wazwan

Ques 2 : Which of these sports commences when the referee tosses the ball into the air over the centre circle ?
A. Volleyball B. Basketball C. Football D. Tennis
Ans : B. Basketball

Ques 3 : Often used as a slogan , what is the meaning of the word ‘inquilab’ ?
A. Surrender B. Victory C. Revolution D. Long Life
Ans : C. Revolution

Ques 4 : Which of these organisations won the Nobel prize in 2012 ?
A. European Union B.International court of justice C.Greenpeace D. International Atomic Energy Agency.
Ans : A. European Union

Ques 5 : Which chemical element did Humphry Davy name after a Greek word meaning ‘yellowish green ‘ ?
A. Chlorine B. Hydrogen C. Helium D. Methane
Ans : A. Chlorine

Ques : Which is the only species of red deer found in India ?
A. Chital B. Krishna Mriga C. Hangul D. Chiru
Ans : C. Hangul

Ques : Where was the first Indian Institute of Management established in 1961?
A. Lucknow B. Ahmedabad C. Banglore D. Calcutta
Ans : D. Calcutta

Ques : Chali was the summer capital of which of these former princely states ?
A. Jind B. Patiala C. Kapurthala D. Nabha
Ans : B. Patiala