KBC 6 – Episode 3 Questions

Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 3 – September 9 2012

Ques No :01: Which of these beauty queens shares her name with the surname of a West Indian Cricket legends ?
A. Diana B. Priyanka C. Sushmita D. Lara
Ans : D. Lara

Ques NO : 02: Which of these is held annually in India ?
A. Lok sabha Elections. B. Presidential Elections C. Budget Session of Parliament. D. Vidhan Sabha Elections.
Ans : C. Budget Session of Parliament.

Ques No:03: Kamadeva got the name ‘ Ananga’ after he was burned to ashes by the fire of which god’s third eye ?
A. Agni B. Shiva C. Vishnu D. Indra
Ans : Shiva

Ques No:04: How many bones does an elephant’s trunk have ?
A. 5 B. 1 C. 10 D. 0.
Ans : 0

Ques No:05: In which city is the Peer Dastageer Sahib Shrine that was damaged in a fire in June 2012 Situated ?
A. Srinagar. B. Ajmer C. Aligarh D. Hyderabad
Ans : A. Srinagar.

Ques No:06: Who succeeded General V K Singh as the Chief of Army Staff of India ?
A. Gen Tejinder singh. B. Gen Dalbir Singh Suhag C. Gen Deepak Kapoor. D. Gen Bikram singh
Ans : D. Gen Bikram singh

Ques No:07: According to Kalhana’s ‘Rajatarangini’, who drained out the water from Kashmir Valley, that was a vast Lake, and made it habitable ?
A. Agastya B. Kashyapa C. Valmiki D. Parashurma
Ans : B. Kashyapa

Ques No:09 : In May 2012, which country’s prime minister became its president and the became the prime minister ?
A. Russia B. Poland C. Ukrane D. France
Ans : A. Russia

Ques No:10: In 2011, India’s first air-conditioned double -decker train started between which two cities ?
A. Howrah-Darbhnaga B. Habibganj-Indore C. Sealdah-Delhi D. Howrah-Dhanbad
Ans :D. Howrah-Dhanbad

Ques No:11: The awarding of gold medals for first place, silver medals for second and bronze medals for third began in which Olympics ?
A. 1900, Paris B. 1904, St louis C. 1908, London D. 1912, Stockholm
Ans : B. 1904, St louis

Ques No :12: worth 1 Crore
In 1860, Which British official became the first auditor General of India ?
A. Sir A F Cox B. Sir Proby Cautley C. Lord Sallsbury D. Sir Edmund Drummond
Ans :D. Sir Edmund Drummond

Ques No 01: Which of these sweets are often cast in various moulds to resemble flowers, fruit and shells ?
A. Rosogulla B. Rasmalai C. Sandesh D. Ledikeni
Ans : C. Sandesh

Ques No 02 : What does a Kilo equal to, as in kilometre or kilogram ?
A. 10 B. 100 C. 10000 D. 1000
Ans : D. 1000

Ques No 03: Which of these sportswomen is a five-time world champion in her sport ?
A. Deepika Kumari B. M C Mary Korn C. Krishna Poonia D. Saina Nehwal
Ans : B. M C Mary Korn

Ques No 04: Which of these events is described in the kishkindha kande of the Ramayana ?
A. Rama meets Hanuman. B. Rama weds SIta C. Sita’s kidnapping. D. Slaying of Ravana
Ans : A. Rama meets Hanuman.

Ques No :05: Which leader made her facebook debut
in 2012 with the post ‘ I gave voice to what millions of Indians went to see in a President ?
A. Mamata Banerjee B. Sonia Gandhi C. Mayawati D. Jayalalithaa
Ans : A. Mamata Banerjee

Ques No :06: In February 2012, What jubilee was celebrated by queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning monarch of Britian ?
A. Platinum Jubilee B. Silver Jubilee C. Diamond Jubilee D. Golden Jubilee
Ans : C. Diamond Jubilee

Ques No :07: Who is the first woman to become CEO of the soft drink giant PepsiCO ?
A. Virginia Rometty B. Indra Nooyi C. Ursula Burns D. Meg Whitman
Ans :B. Indra Nooyi

Ques No:08: In Which of these events did Pinki Pramanik win a gold medal at the 2006 Doha Asian Games ?
A. 4×400 m relay B. 800 m C. Discus Throw D. 400 m
Ans : A. 4×400 m relay,

Ques No :01 : Which of these is the title of a film starring Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha ?
A. Bajirao Singham B. Rowdy Rathore C. Robinhood Pandey D. Lovely Singh.
Ans : B. Rowdy Rathore