KBC 6 – Episode 27 – November 10

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 27 – November 10 2012

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 10/11/2012 ( Saturday )
In a song featuring Hema Malini And Dharmendra, Who is referred to as ‘Shayar ki Gazal ‘ And ‘Zeel’ ka kamal’ ?
A: Sweetheart b: Darling C: Honey D: Dreamgirl
Answer: D: Dreamgirl

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Q: According to the 2011 tiger census report of the national Tiger conservation Authority, what is the estimated population of tigers in India?
A: 1411 B: 1127 C: 2822 D: 1706
Ans: D: 1706

fastest finger question:
Starting from Phalguna, arrange these Hindu festivals in the order they occur in a calendar year
A: Raksha Bandhan B: Makar Sankranti C: Holi D: Vijaydashami
Ans: C-A-D-B

Q: Which of these symbols is normally used to indicate the direction of a place?
A: Bow B: Arrow C: Mace D: Sword
Ans: B: Arrow

Q: Complete this line from a Bhajan bythe bhakti poet Narsinh Mehta “Vaishnav Jan To tene Kahiye Je ___”?
A: Nahin Aiso Janam Barambar B: Sabka Data Ram C: Peerh Paraye Janeyray D: Lagan Lagi Ram Ki
Ans: C: Peerh Paraye Janeyray

Q: Which of these is the name of the anti-corruption initiative started by the Central Vigilance Commission of India?
A: Break your silence B: Blow your whistle C: Mind your business D: Clean your system
Ans: B: Blow your whistle

Q: In the early phase of his career, in which city did Dhirubhai Ambani work as a petrol station attendant?
A: Kuwait B: Doha C: Aden D: Muscat
Ans: C: Aden

fastest finger first question:
Starting from the smallest, arrange these spices according to their average size
A: Mustard Seeds B: Cloves C: Black Pepper D: Bay Leaf
Ans: A-C-B-D

Q: Complete this hindi proverb: “___ ke gale me ghanti baandhna” that means to do a tough job?
A: Kuee B: Billi C: Sher D: Chuha
Ans: B: Billi

Q: What does a twelfth of a foot equal to ?
A: An inch B: A centimetre C: A metre D: A Yard
Ans: A: An inch

Q: Which of these fruits of vegetables grows underwater?
A: Kachnaar B: Shakarkand C: Shareefa D: Singhara
Ans: D: Singhara (Water Chestnut)

Q: In which of these films did Parineeti Chopra make her acting debut?
A: Ek Deewana Tha B: Ishaqzaade C: Ladies vs Ricky Bahl D: Ghost
Ans: C: Ladies vs Ricky Bahl

Q: After which of these freedom fighters is a district in Uttarakhand named?
A: Bhagat Singh B: Chandrashekhar Azad C: Sukhdev D: Udham Singh
Ans: D: Udham Singh

Q: Who became the first National Security Advisor of India in 1998?
A: Brajesh Mishra B: M K Narayan C: J N Dixit D: K C Pant
Ans: A: Brajesh Mishra

Q: In the Mahabharata, which of these characters died after the battle of kurukshetra was over?
A: Shakuni B: Shalya C: Kansa D: Bhishma
Ans: D: Bhishma

Q: Which of these numbers is popularly known as the Hardy-Ramanujan number?
A: 1927 B: 1729 C: 1239 D: 1947
Ans: B: 1729