KBC 6 – Episode 26 – November 9 2012

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 26 – November 9 2012

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 09/11/2012 ( Friday )
In Ramayana, which of the rakshasas kept Sita captive?
A: marich b: Ravan C: Subahu D: Ahiravan
Answer: b: Ravan

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Fastest Finger First Question:
Starting with the earliest, arrange these films directed by Yash Chopra in order of their release
A: Veer-Zaara B: Chandni C: Dil To Pagal Hai D: Silsila
Ans: D-B-C-A

Q; Which of these is a Hindi phrase for “a stupid person”?
A: Akal ka Dushman B: Kaan Ka Kachcha C: Akal Dhadh D: Akela Dukela
Ans: A: Akal ka Dushman

Q: Which of these figures is also called a Mahatma?
A: B R Ambedkar B: Jyotibha Phule C: Vinobha Bhave D: Dhondo Keshav Karve
Ans: B: Jyotibha Phule

Q: Which is the heaviest internal organ in the human body?
A: Pancreas B: Heart C: Liver D: Lungs
Ans: C: Liver

Q: Which of the following states does not border Andhra Pradesh?
A: Madhya Pradesh B: Odisha C: Maharashtra D: Tamil Nadu
Ans: A: Madhya Pradesh

Q: Which of these badminton superseries tournaments did Saina Nehwal win in October 2012?
A: Malaysia Open B: Singapore Open C: Denmark Open D: Indonesia Open
Ans: C: Denmark Open

fastest finger first question
Starting from the easternmost, arrange these neighbouring countries of India from east to west
A: Bhutan B: Nepal C: Myanmar D: Pakistan
Ans: C-A-B-D

Q: With reference to automobiles, what is an ‘airbag’?
A: Oxygen Mask B: Type of tyre C: Safety Equipment D: Type of Seat
Ans: Safety Equipment

Q: In which country would you find the towns of Hambantoa and Kandy?
A: Bangladesh B: South Africa C: Jamaica D: Sri Lanka
Ans: D: Sri Lanka

Q: According to mythology, who heard about his death through an ‘Akashwani’?
A: Duryodhana B: Hiranyakashipu C: Ravana D: Kansa
Ans: D: Kansa

Q: Which part of human body is reshaped by LASIK?
A: Lungs B: Tonsil C: Cornea D: Ovaries
Ans: C: Cornea

Q: From which constituency was Salman Khurshid elected to the current Lok Sabha?
A: Farrukhabad B: Azamgarh C: Bulandshahr D: Firozabad
Ans: A: Farrukhabad

Q: Mo Yan became the first citizen of which country to win the Nobel Prize in literature in 2012?
A: Vietnam B: China C: Myanmar D: Japan
Ans: B: China