KBC 6 – Episode 24 Questions

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 24 – November 3 2012

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 03/11/2012 ( Sunday)
Who amongst these is referred to as Mahatma?
A: Gopal Gandhi b: Karamchand Gandhi C: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi D: Harilal Gandhi
Answer: C: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

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Q: What is the chemical name of baking soda?
A: Sodium Chloride B: Sodium Bicarbonate C: Sodium Flouride D: Sodium Oxalate
Ans: B: Sodium Bicarbonate

Q: In which of these places were prehistoric ‘rock shelters’ discovered which were declared a World Heritage site in 2003 by UNESCO?
A: Chanderi B: Maheshwar C: Sanchi D: Bhimbetka
Ans: D: Bhimbetka

Q: In which story did Premchand describe Dowry as a social problem?
A: Nirmala B: Rangbhumi C: Gaban D: Pratigya
Ans: A: Nirmala

Q:In which of these Buddhist pilgrim sites was the Kalachakra Puja organised between 31 Dec 2011 to 10 Jan 2012?
A: Sarnath B: Sachi C: Bodh Gaya D: Kushinagar
Ans: C: Bodh Gaya

Fastest Finger First Question
Starting from the seniormost, arrange these women characters from the Mahabharata in order of their seniority
A: Ganga B: Gandhari C: Draupadi D: Kunti
Ans: A-B-D-C

Q: Which of these fruits has varieties called Maida, Hapus and Chausa?
A: Apple B: Orange C: Banana D: Mango
Ans: D: Mango

Q: Which of these documents can be applied for under the tatkaal service in India?
A: Election I-Card B: Aadhar Card C: Passport D: PAN Card
Ans: C: Passport

Q: Red, Yellow, Green, Orange & Violet are the six routes of which transport network in Delihi?
A: HoHo Bus B: Metro Rail C: Ring Railway D: Radio Taxi
Ans: B: Metro Rail

Q: In which sport does Sunil Chetri represent India?
A: Hockey B: Football C: Mukkebazhi D: Shooting
Ans: B: Football

Q: ‘Equity Sacings Scheme’ proposed in the Union Budget 2012-13 is named after which leader?
A: Lal Bahadur Shastri B: Jawaharlal Nehru C: Indira Gandhi D: Rajiv Gandhi
Ans: D: Rajiv Gandhi

Q: When were Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev hanged?
A: 26 Nov 1930 B: 23 Mar 1931 C: 12 jan 1934 D: 14 Feb 1931
Ans: B: 23 Mar 1931

Q: Which of these women scientists has been dubbed ‘Agni Putri’ by the Indian Media?
A: Kalpana Chawla B: Tessy Thomas C: N Valarmathi D: Sunita Williams
Ans: B: Tessy Thomas

Q: In which of these coal mines did about 375 people lose their lives in 1975 due to inundation?
A: Bagdiddi B: Chasnala C: Dhori D: Damua
Ans: B: Chasnala

Q: Who is the first foreign coach to be honoured with the Dronacharya Award?
A: B I Fernandez B: Gary Kirsten C: Bob Bootland D: Michael Noobs
Ans: A: B I Fernandez

Q: On the banks of which river did Valmiki compose the Ramayana?
A: Sarayu B: Ganga C: Tamsa D: Karmanasa
Ans: C: Tamsa

Q: Who was the first governor of te reserve bank of india?
A: Sir Osborne Smith B: Sir James taylor C: Sir C D Deshmukh D: Sir Benegal Rama Rau
Ans: A: Sir Osborne Smith