KBC 6 – Episode 21 Questions

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 21 – October 27 2012

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 27/10/2012 ( Friday)
Out of these games, in which one will you hear “Howzatt” being called out by the players?
A: Football B; Tennis C: Cricket D: Badminton
Answer: C: Cricket

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Ques : Which of these tennis players has won an Olympic medal for India ?
A. Leander Paes B. Sania Mirza C. Rohan Bopanna D. Mahesh Bhupathi
Ans : A. Leander Paes

Ques : The Father of which of these leaders was the first President of his country ?
A. Sheikh Hasina B. Khaleda Zia C. Aung San Suu Kyi D. Chandrika Kumaratunga
Ans : A. Sheikh Hasina

Next fastest finger first question :-
Ques : Arrange these Olympic athletic events in increasing order of their distance
A. Marathon B. 4 *100 Relay C. 4*400 Relay D. 20 Km walk
Ans :B-C-D-A

Ques : According to a Hindi proverb, if one accepts defeat by someone else then what would he do ?
A. Lakdi katega B. Hathoda peetega C. Jaal bichhayega D. Loha manega
Ans : D. Loha manega

Ques : In the film ‘Lage Raho Munna Bhai’ , what does Munna Bhai give people in order to change their hearts ?
A. The Tricolour B. Gandhiji’s Photograph C. Bhagwad Gita D. Flowers
Ans : D. Flowers

Ques : Which of these is an appliance used for voltage regulation ?
A. Stabilizer B. Inverter C. UPS D. Charger
Ans : A. Stabilizer

Ques : In the field of medicine , which of these problems is treated with the help of IVF technique ?
A. Infertility B. Artery Blockage C. Kidney failure D. Night Blindness
Ans : A. Infertility

Ques : Who presented the Rail Budget for 2012-13 in the Parliament of India ?
A. C P Joshi B. Mukul Roy C. Lalu Prasad D. Dinesh Trivedi
Ans : D. Dinesh Trivedi

Ques : In the Mahabharata, who acquired the strength of 8000 elephants after drinking the elixir given to him by Nagraj Vasuki ?
A. Bhima B. Ghatotkacha C. Jarasandha D. Duryodhana
Ans : A. Bhima

Ques : Which of these bowlers has scored two Test centuries ?
A. Harbhajan Singh B. Irfan Pathan C. Umar Gul D. Brad Hogg.
Ans : A. Harbhajan Singh

Ques : Which country’s Prime Minister was invited as the chief guest at the Republic Day parade in New Delhi in 2012 ?
A. Thailand B. Australia C. Finland D. Italy
Ans : A. Thailand

Ques : The Vivek Express traversing the longest route on the Indian Railways network runs between Kanyakumari and which other city ?
A. Jammu B. Dibrugarh C. Amritsar D. Dwarka
Ans : B. Dibrugarh

Ques : In Which state was the Electronic Voting Machine used for the first time in any election in India ?
A. Maharashtra B. Karnataka C. West Bengal D. Kerala
Ans : D. Kerala

Ques : Which of these Olympians was the first person born in India to have taken the first place at an individual event at the Summer Olympics ?
A. Margaret Abbott B. Charles Daniels C. Aileen Riggin D. Albert Hill
Ans : A. Margaret Abbott

Ques : Arrange these words in the order in which they appear in a popular Hindi saying
A. Baap B. Beta C. Jaisa D. Waisa
Ans : C-A-D-B

Ques : Which of these refers to the seven steps taken by the bride and groom around the fire during a Hindu Marriage ?
A. Saptanga B. Saptami C. Saptarishi D. Saptapadi
Ans : D. Saptapadi