kbc 6 Episode 2 questions

Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 2 – September 8 2012

Second Episode Fastest Finger First Question :-
Ques :- Arrange these words in correct order to make a Hindi Proverb?
A. Ungli B. Daanton C. Tale D. Dabanna
Ans :B-C-A-D

Ques No 01. Which of these must a player hold during a Raid in a game of kabaddi ?
A. Ball B. Breadth C. Tears. D. Anger
Ans : B. Breadth

Ques No 02. Which type of professionals are the lead characters of the TV serial ‘ Kuch toh Log kahenge ‘?
A. Engineers. B. Lawyers. C. Architects D. Doctors
Ans : D. Doctors

Ques No :03: “Time ho gaya hai, pack up” were reported to be the last words of which film star ?
A.Rajesh Khanna B.Shammi Kapoor C.Dev Anand. D. Joy Mukherjee
Ans : A.Rajesh Khanna

Ques No :04: Which poet wrote ” Rann beech chowkri bhar bharkar chetak ban gaya nirala tha, Rana Pratapne ghore se, pad gaya hawa ka pala tha ?
A. Dwaraka Prasad Mukherjee. B. Maithlee Sharan Gupt. C. Subhadra kumari chauhan D. Shyam Narayan Pandey
Ans :D. Shyam Narayan Pandey

Ques No:05: Which of these cities does the Yamuna Express Way connect with greater Noida ?
A. Jhansi B. Agra C. Kanpur D. Haridwar
Ans : B. Agra

Ques No.06: Who is the only woman to become the Chief Election Commissioner of India ?
A. C B Muthamma B. Punita Arora C. Anna George Malhotra D. V S Ramadevi
Ans : D. V S Ramadevi

Next Fastest Finger First Question :

Ques :Starting with the earliest , arrange these landmarks events in the order in which they took place in Mughal History ?
A. Akbar’s birth B. Babur’s attack on India C. Construction of the Taj Mahal D. Aurangzeb’s death
Ans : B-A-C-D

Ques No :01: Which of these beauty queens shares her name with the surname of a West Indian Cricket legends ?
A. Diana B. Priyanka C. Sushmita D. Lara
Ans : D. Lara

Ques NO : 02: Which of these is held annually in India ?
A. Lok sabha Elections. B. Presidential Elections C. Budget Session of Parliament. D. Vidhan Sabha Elections.
Ans : C. Budget Session of Parliament.