KBC 6 – Episode 19 Questions

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 19 – October 20 2012

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 20/10/2012 ( Saturday )
Q: In which of the following trees, roots are seen hanging in the air?
A: Neem B: Banyan (Bargad) C: Aam (Mango) D: Team (Sagoun)
Ans: B. Banyan

Ques : Who has been India’s longest serving woman chief minister ?
A. Mayawati B. Jayalalithaa C. Vasundhara Raje D. Sheila Dixit
Ans : D. Sheila Dixit

Ques : In the 2012 Wimbledon Championship who was the only player to win two titles ?
A. Roger Federer B. Venus Williams C. serena Williams D. Frederik Neilsen
Ans : C. serena Williams

Ques : Who got his name because Lord Indra once struck him with his vajra on the jaw ?
A. Ghatotkach B. Ravana C. Hanuman D. Duryodhana
Ans : C. Hanuman

Ques : Which MP was appointed as a Lieutenant in the Territorial Army in September 2012 ?
A. Rahul Gandhi B. Sachin Pilot C. Jyotiraditya Scindia D. Jitin Prasad
Ans : B. Sachin Pilot

Ques : Which is the hottest planet in the Solar system ?
A. Mercury B. Neptune C. Venus D. Mars
Ans : C. Venus

Ques : In his book titled ‘ The Arctic Home in the Vedas”, who argued that the Aryans originated in the north polar region ?
A. Bal Gangadhar Tilak B. Dayanand Saraswati C. K B Hedgewar D. Veer Savarkar
Ans : A. Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Next Question worth Rs. 1 Crore :-
Ques : Out of the given countries which got independence on 15 August 1971 ?
A. Bahrain B. Congo C. Bahamas D. Yemen
Ans: A: Bahrain

Ques : Arrange these words in increasing order of the numbers that appear in them.
A. Ekanki B. Panchang C. Trigun D. Navami
Ans : A-C-B-D

Ques : Which of these names means memory in Hindi ?
A. Srishti B. Samriddhi C. Suhani D. Smirti
Ans : D. Smirti

Ques : Which of these gods is also called lakshmipati and Balaji ?
A. Indra B. Vishnu C. Kartikeya D. Agnidev
Ans : B. Vishnu

Ques : Which of these pairs is the ‘taiji-tauji’ of film actress Sonam Kapoor ?
A. Babita & Ranbir Kapoor B. Supriya & Pankaj Kapur
C. Sridevi & Boney Kapoor D. Jennifer & Shashi kapoor
Ans : C. Sridevi & Boney Kapoor