KBC 6 – Episode 17 Questions

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 17 – October 14 2012

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 14/10/2012 ( Sunday )
“Paduka” and “Mojri” are types of what?
A: Aabhushan (Attire) B: Sari C: Shoes D: Painting
Ans: C: Shoes

Q: Which of these books on the life of Mughal Emperor is an autobiography?
A: Humayun-nama B: Ain-i-Akbari C: Tuzuk-i-Jahangari D: Shajahan-nama
Ans: C: Tuzuk-i-Jahangari

fastest finger first question:
Arrange these leaders in order according to their home states from east to west.
A: Mamata Banerjee B: P A Sangma C: Sharad Pawar D: Navin Patnaik

Q: Which of these is the title of a TV series telecast on SAB TV?
A: Ajaib Ghar B: Shanta Ghar C: Gol Ghar D: Chidiya Ghar
Ans; D: Chidiya Ghar

Q: Ho wmany zeroes are placed after 1 to write 10 lakh in fugures?
A: Four B: Six C: Five D: Seven
Ans: B: Six

Q: Which of these epics starts with the Bala Kand and ends with the Uttara Kand?
A: Mahabharata B: Ramayana C: Gita Govinda D: Padmavat
Ans: B: Ramayana

Q: In the film ‘Agend Vinod’, Saif Ali Khan works as a secret agent for which intelligence agency?
Ans: B: R&AW

Q: In which of these sports has India won Olympic medals in 2004, 2008 and 2012?
A: Wrestling B: Boxing C: Shooting D: Weightlifting
Ans: C: Shooting

Q: Which Indian state has the largest area under forests?
A: Madhya Pradesh B: Chhattisgarh C: Arunachal Pradesh D: Karnataka
Ans: A: Madhya Pradesh

Q: Which of these food items are commonly eaten ‘steamed’ or ‘fried’?
A: Pickles B: Cake C: Momos D: Pizza
Ans: C: Momos

Q: About what did Prime minister manmohan Singh say in his address to the nation in Sep 012 that it does not grow on trees?
A: Gas Cylinder B: Vote C: Money D: Diesel
Ans: C: Money

Q: Which is the largest car anufacturing co. in India with sales of more than 1 crore units since its inception?
A: tata Motors B: Maruti Suzuki C: Hyundai Motors D: Mahindra & Mahindra
Ans: B: Maruti Suzuki

Q: Whose car do the protagonists of the movie “ferrari Ki Sawari” steal?
A: Sachin Tendulkar B: Vidhu Vinod Chopra C: Michael Schumacher D: narain Karthikeyan
Ans: A: Sachin Tendulkar

Q: Which country’s beauty queen won the Miss world 2012 title?
A: USA B: venezuela C: China D: Russia
Ans: C: China

Q: Which of these items featured in TIME magazine’s 2012 list of ‘Top 10 Political Fashion Statements’?
A: Gandhiji’s spectacles B: Anna Hazare’s cap C: Mamata Banerjee’s Sari D: jawaharlal Nehru’s Jacket
Ans: D: jawaharlal Nehru’s Jacket