KBC 6 – Episode 14 Questions

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 14 – October 07 2012

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 07/10/2012 ( Sunday )
Which of the following dish is made from Curd (Dahi) ?
A: Kofta B: Raita C: Kheee D: Kulfi
Answer: B. Raita

Q: What is the traditional occupation of the Kalbelia tribe, known for its kalbelia dance?
A: Shepherds B: Snake Charmers C: Magicians D: Tailors
Ans: B: Snake Charmers

Q: Who was the NDA backed candidate against Hamid Ansari in the 2012 indian vice-presidential elections?
A: Yashwant Sinha B: S Y Quereshi C: Jaswant Singh D: Arun Jaitley
Ans: C: Jaswant Singh

Q: Which of these creatures can look up with one eye while looking down with the other eye at the same time?
A: Bat B: Shark C: Chameleon D: Owl
Ans: C: Chameleon

Q: The ‘Jal Satyagraha’ protest launched in August 2012 is associated with which of these dams?
A: Omkareshwar B: Sardar Sarovar C: Tehru D: Gandhi Sagar
Ans: A: Omkareshwar

Q: Which of these festivals is not celebrated on a full moon?
A: Holika Dahan B: Raksha Bandhan C: Janmashtami D: BuDh Jayanti
A: C: Janmashtami

Q: Under whose captaincy has India won the most number of test Matches until now?
A: M S Dhoni B: Sourav Ganguly C: Md Azharuddin D: Kapil Dec
A: B: Sourav Ganguly

Q: According to the mahabharata , which Pandava got his name from the fact that there was no one more handsome than him in the family?
A: Arjuna B: Bheema C: Sahdeva D: Nakula
A: D: Nakula

Q: Which of these is the score of a player with no points in a game of tennis?
A: Kiss B: Hug C: Romance D: Love
Ans: D: Love

Q: Which of the following is a form of a dance as well as a tangy sauce?
A: Samba B: Salsa C: Hip-Hop D: Disco
Ans: B: Salsa

Q:Which of these hill stations literally means “Three Rivers” in Tamil and Malayalam?
A: Munnar B: Madikeri C: Kodaikanal D: Peerumedu
Ans: A: Munnar

Q: Which of these is a kind of sari named after a place in Maharashtra?
A: Jamdani B: Paithani C: Navsari D: Chanderi
Ans: B: Paithani

Q: Which company developed the dreamliner aircraft which has been inducted into Air India in 2012?
A: Airbus B: Dassault C: Bombardier D: Boeing
Ans: D: Boeing

Q: Which of these personalities is credited with the creation of the advertising icon ‘Amul Girl’?
A: Alyque Padamsee B: Sylvester Da Cunha C: Bharat Dabholkar D: Bobby Kooka
Ans: B: Sylvester Da Cunha