KBC 6 – Episode 10 Questions

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 10 – September 28 2012

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 28/09/2012 ( Friday )
A part of land is called island when it is surrounded by what?
A: Desert B: Ocean C: Mountain D: Forest
Answer: B: Ocean

Ques : Which team does the Kolkatta Knight Riders off-spinner Sunil Narine represent in international Cricket ?
A. Bangladesh B. Sri Lanka C.India D. West Indies
Ans : West Indies

Ques : What name did Anuradha Bali adopt when she converted to Islam to marry Chander Mohan in 2008 ?
A. Fiza B. Afreen C. Salma D. Tabussum
Ans : A. Fiza

Ques : Which of these cities in Uttar Pradesh has also been known as “Koil” since ancient times ?
A. Mathura B. Aligarh C. Agra D. Allahabad.
Ans : B. Aligarh

Ques : Which diplomat was the chief British negotiator at the Simla Conference of 1913-14 to settle frontier and other matters relating to Tibet ?
A. Sir Henry McMohan B. Sir Cyril Radcliffe C. Sir Mortimer Durand D. Sir John Simon
Ans : A. Sir Henry McMohan

Ques : Who is the author of the books “Bandar Sabha” and Bakri Vilap ?
A. Rahul Sankrityayan B. Nalin Vilochan Sharma C. Acharya Shivpujan Sahy
D. Bhartendu Harishchndra
Ans :D. Bhartendu Harishchndra

Ques : who was the last Governor- General of Pakistan ?
A. Lord Mountbatten B. Mohd Ali Jinnah C. Iskandar Mirza D. Khawaja Nazimuddin
Ans : C. Iskandar Mirza

Ques: Who won the 3000 m Steeplechase Gold Medal at the 1958 Tokyo Asian Games ?
A. Susumu Takahashi B.Mubarak shah C.Masayki Nunogami D.Paan Singh Tomar
Ans : B.Mubarak shah

Fastest Finger Question
Arrange the following festivals in the order in which they were held or will be held in the year 2012.
A. Janmashtami B. Rakshabandhan C. Dussehra D. Diwali
Ans : BACD

Ques No :01 : Which of these is a kind of dance as well as an ornament worn on the head ?
A. Ghoomar B. Giddha C. Jhoomar D. Bhangra
Ans : C. Jhoomar

Ques No:02 :What is the meaning of the Persian word ‘Ab’ used in the word ‘Punjab’ ?
A. Tree B. Water C. Mountain D. Grain
Ans : B. Water