kbc 6 episode 1 questions

Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 1 – September 7 2012

Fastest Finger First Question :
Starting with the earliest , arrange these leaders in the order in which they became President of India ?
A. Pranab Mukherjee B. Pratibha Patil C. A P J Abdul Kalam D. K R Narayanan
Ans : D-C-B-A.

Ques No 01. Which of these is the title of a film directed by Rohit Shetty ?
A. Devgan Vaani B. Shetty Salah C. Chal Chopra D. Bol Bachchan
Ans D. Bol Bachchan

Ques No 02. Which of these cannot be the same for two different persons ?
A. Fingerprints. B. Skin Colour C. Blood Group D. Eye Colour.
Ans : A. Fingerprints.

Ques : Which of these Chief Minister of an Indian State is an IIT Graduate ?
A. Manohar Parrikar B. Okram Ibobi Singh. C. Kiran Kumar Reddy D. Omar Abdullah
Ans : A. Manohar Parrikar

Ques : Who did Viswanathan Anand defeat in 2012 to retain the world Chess Champion title ?
A. Rusian Ponomariov. B. Vladimir Kramnik C. Vesselin Topalov D. Boris Gelfand.
Ans : D. Boris Gelfand.

Ques : Which river was set as the eastern boundary of Maharaja Ranjit SIngh’s kingdom by the Treaty of Amritsar of 1809 ?
A. Sutlej B. Beas C. Ghaggar D. Ravi
Ans : Sutlej

Next Fastest Finger First Question :–
Arrange these phrases in order according to the items mentioned in them from top to bottom of the body parts where these are worn .

A. Payal Ki Jhankaar. B. Bindiya Ki Chamkaar. C. Kajre Ki Dhar. D. Chudiyon Ki Khankaar.

Ques No : 01: Complete the Hindi proverb : “Ab Pachhtave hoth kya jab Chidiya Chug gayi________” ?
A. Daana B. Khet C. Moti D. Beej
Ans : B. Khet

Ques No : 02: Which of these lines would you associate with Akshay Kumar in ‘ Rowdy Rathore’ ?
A. Abracadabra. B. My Name is Khan. C. I Hate Luv Stories. D. Don’t Angry Me.
Ans :D. Don’t Angry Me.

Ques No : 03 : Vijay Kumar Won a Silver medal at the 2012 London Olympics in which sport ?
A. Shooting. B. Boxing. C. Badminton D. Wrestling.
Ans : A. Shooting.

Ques No:04:Which Country’s Head of State visited Ajmer Sharif in April 2012 and announced a donation of Rs. 5 Crore ?
A. Bangladesh. B. Afghanistan. C. Pakistan D. Iran.
Ans :C. Pakistan

Ques No : 05:According to the Ramayana, whose flag had a veena motif on it ?
A. Ravana B. Bharata. C. Meghnada D. Vibhishana.
Ans : A. Ravana

Ques No : 06: Which State did P A Sangama serve a s Chief Minister from 1988 to 1990 ?
A. Arunachal Pradesh. B. Manipur C. Assam D. Meghalaya
Ans : D. Meghalaya

Ques No : 07:Which of these buildings in Rajasthan was built to provide employment to people during a period of famine ?
A. Amber Fort. B. Hawa Mahal C. Mehrangarh Fort D. Umaid Bhawan palace.
Ans : D. Umaid Bhawan palace.