Kaun Banega Computerji Contest

kbc guess the question contest

Kaun Banega Computerji: Guess the question contest

Prizes: Total of 15 Prizes
5 “Bulls-eye” Prizes: Each 1000 Rupees
10 “Near-Miss” Prizes : Each 100 Rupees

About the contest
– You have to guess questions which will be asked by Amitabh/Computerji in KBC 7 starting soon (Registrations from May 27)
– Once you submit a question, the entry is valid throughout this season i.e. season 7.
– If your question is an exact match, then you will win the “Bulls-Eye” prize. There are a total of 5 such prizes, given out to the first five exact matches
– Ex: If your question is “Who is the current railway minister” and the question on KBC is “Who replaced Bansal as the railway minister”, it is considered an exact match
– if your question is almost like the question on KBC, then you will the “Near-Miss” prize. There are a total of 10 such prizes, given out to the first ten near-misses.

How to Enter
1. Go to the IQGarage facebook page here
2. Look for the original post announcing the contest (Image given below)
3. Share the post on your timeline.

4. Enter your two questions as a comment(s) on the original post

5. Hope that your question is asked on KBC

1- Open to anyone with a facebook account, but the prize money will be transferred only to a bank account in India.
2- Siddharth Basu or employees of Big Synergy Ltd (who are the researchers) are not allowed to participate 🙂
3- The decision of whether a question is an exact-match or a near-miss will be decided by IQGarage.com
4- If two have submitted same/similar questions, the one who submitted it earlier will get the prize.
5- All the questions submitted will be listed below on this page.
6- This contest is not associated with KBC,Sony or facebook. All trademarks are used for illustration purposes only and belong to their respective owners

Questions submitted
Harshal Shah: CM of UP Akhilesh Yadav was invited to be a keynote speaker to a Harvard university event, though he rejected this invitation, What was he supposed to speak about?
About Organizing the Kumbh Mela

Harshal Shah:Which world famous cyclist lost all his records due to doping charges levelled/proven on him ?
Lance Armstrong

Sumit Mahata: What is the State Animal of Madhya Pradesh?

Himanshu Shekhar Sinha: who won the orange cap in ipl-6?
Mike Hussey

Pallavi Paul
Against which team Sachin Tendulkar played his last IPL?
Sunrisers Hyderabad

Sabir Raja
1)Who is the winner of the Australian Open men’s singles 2013?
ans -Novak Djokovic
2)Who is the Prime Minister of Australia?
ans- Julia Gillard

jyoti tanwar
Q: who is the first indian PHD holder?

Rahul Kumar
Q: where is the longest railway platform in india.
A: Kharagpur

Bir Bikram kumat
Q: how many times has Mahmud gajni attacked india ?
Ans- 17 times
Q: what is national animal of new zeland ?
Ans- kiwi

Poulami Das
Q: who is the first person to win best actor oscar thrice?


Ashwani Kumar Kohli
Q: Who was first Defence minister of India?
A: Sardar Baldev Singh