IQL Indian Quiz League – Episode 9

Questions from Episode 9 (28 Feb 2013) of India Quiz League (IQL) being shown on National Geographic Channel India.

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(R1)Make.Believe is the tagline of which of these companies?
a. Philips b. Samsung c. LG d. Sony
Ans. Sony

(R1)Sergei Brin and Larry Page started which of these companies?
a. Yahoo! b. Google c. Twitter d. LinkedIn
Ans. Google

(R1)Which of these poets has written the song ‘Sare Jahan Se Achha’?
a. Rabindranah Tagore b. Bankim Chandra Chatterjee c. Muhammad Iqbal d. Kavi Pradeep
Ans. Muhammad Iqbal

(R1)The Yellow Jersey is associated with which event?
a. Tour De France b. French Open c. Olympic Road race d. Giro d’ Italia
Ans. Tour De France

(Entertainment)How is the international entertainer Stefanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta better known?
a. Madonna b. Adele c. Lady Gaga d. Angelina Jolie
Ans. Lady Gaga

(Geography)Which of these countries is named after the Latin word for ‘Silver’?
a. Bolivia b. Brazil c. Argentina d. Australia
Ans. Argentina

(Mixed Bag)Which of these was the first IIT to be established?
a. IIT Chennai b. IIT Kharagpur c. IIT Delhi d. IIT Kanpur
Ans. IIT Kharagpur

(R3)The Indian State of Chattisgarh was carved out of which state?
a. Bihar b. Maharashtra c. Madhya Pradesh d. Rajasthan
Ans. Madhya Pradesh

(R3)Which Guru installed Guru Granth Sahib as permanent Guru of Sikhs?
a. Guru Gobind Singh b. Guru Nanak Sahib c. Guru Arjan Dev d. Guru Ram Das
Ans. Guru Gobind Singh

(R3)If the US president flies in the Air Force One, then who flies in the shepherd One?
a. The Dalai Lama b. The Pope c. Deepak Chopra d. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Ans. The Pope

(R3)Both Angelina Jolie and Salman Khan have starred in a film named what?
a. Bodyguard b. ready c. Wanted d. London Dreams
Ans. Wanted