IQL Indian Quiz League – Episode 5

Questions from Episode 5 – Semifinal 1 (22 Feb 2013) of India Quiz League (IQL) being shown on National Geographic Channel India.

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(R1)The town of Rovaniemi in Finland claims to be the home of which of these personalities?
a. Jesus Christ b. Santa Christ c. Linus Torvalds d. Mika Hakkinen
Ans. Santa Christ

(R1)Which of the following types of saris is believed to have been introduced by Rani Ahilya Bai Holkar?
a. Maheshwari Saris b. Paithani Saris c. Chanderi Saris d. Tussar Silk Saris
Ans. Maheshwari Saris

(R1)As of september 2012, which of these applications does not have an entry in the Oxford English Dictionary?
a. facebook b. Skype c. Twitter d. Instagram
Ans. Instagram

(R1)Which of these countries was created in 2011?
a. Sudan b. South Sudan c. Kosovo d. Palestine
Ans. South Sudan

(Science & Nature)Which of these is measured using a Brannock device?
a. Shoe Size b. Visual Acuity c. Blood Sugar d. Blood Pressure
Ans. Shoe Size

(Entertainment)The song Kilimanjaro from the film Robot was shot at which of the New Seven Wonders of the World?
a. Chichen Itza b. Christ the Redeemer c. Great Wall of China d. Machu Picchu
Ans. Machu Picchu

(Geography)Which two countries are known as the “Trans-Tasman rivals”?
a. NZ-Aus b. US-Canada c. US-Mexico d. England-Scotland
Ans. NZ-Aus

(Politics)Sukumar Sen was the first to hold which prestigious post in nindependent India?
a. Union Law Minister b. Education Minister c. Election Commissioner of India d. Chief Justice of India
Ans. Election Commissioner of India

(R3)If Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu won Gold in this particular Olympic event at the 2012 Olympics, then which of these athletes won Silver?
a. Vijay Kumar b. Vikas Gowda c. Sushil Kumar d. Vijender Singh
Ans. Sushil Kumar

(R3)Which of these instruments was first used in popular music on the song ‘Norwegian Wood’ by the Beatles?
a. Sarod b. Santoor c. Sitar d. Shehnai
Ans. Sitar

(R3)For which of his works did Salman Rushdie win the booker prize in 1981?
a. Haroun and the sea of stories b. The Moor’s last sigh c. The Satanic Verses d. Midnight’s Children
Ans. Midnight’s Children

(R3)Me at the Zoo’ was the title of the world’s first what?
a. Picasa Image b. Google Doodle c. YouTube Video d. Flickr Image
Ans. YouTube Video