IQL Indian Quiz League – Episode 4

Questions from Episode 4 (21 Feb 2013) of India Quiz League (IQL) being shown on National Geographic Channel India.

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(R1)Which country’s imperial seal features the Chrysanthemum?
a. China b. Japan c. Thailand d. Vietnam
Ans. Japan

(R1)Which of these astronauts passed away on Aug 25, 2012?
a. Kalpana Chawla b. Neil Armstrong c. Edwin Aldrin d. Michael Collins
Ans. Neil Armstrong

(R1)In which of these cities would you find the Kremlin?
a. Minsk b. Moscow c. Prague d. Warsaw
Ans. Moscow

(R1)Which band’s members include Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. ?
a. Guns N’ Roses b. Metallica c. Radiohead d. U2
Ans. U2

(Entertainment)In the popular game Angry Birds, what are the birds angry at?
a. Space Aliens b. Pigs c. Fellow Birds d. Bird Cage
Ans. Pigs

(Business)Which company’s tagline is ‘Better Sound through research’?
a. Sennheiser b. Skullcandy c. Bose d. Creative
Ans. Bose

(Sports)Which country won the most medals at the London Olympics 2012?
a. Russian Federation b. Great Britain c. China d. USA
Ans. USA

(R3)Which mode of transportation features in the symbol of the Samajwadi Party?
a. Scooter b. Bullock Cart c. Cycle d. Boat
Ans. Cycle

(R3)Which film was re-released in 2012 in a 3D version coinciding with 100 years of the event it was based on?
a. Titanic b. Hugo c. Prometheus d. Pirates of the Caribbean
Ans. Titanic

(R3)Situated in Thiruvananthapuram, after whom is the Indian Space research Organisation’s Space Centre named?
a. Rakesh Sharma b. Ravish Malhotra c. Vikram Sarabhai d. Kalpana Chawla
Ans. Vikram Sarabhai

(R3)Which river isknown as Jamuna in Bangladesh?
a. Hoogly b. Yamuna c. Brahmaputra d. Godavari
Ans. Brahmaputra

(R3)In 1930, the Indian Natioanl Congress announced that which of these dates would be celebrated as Independence day?
a. Jan 1 b. 26 Jan c. 15 Aug d. Oct 2
Ans. Jan 26