IQL Indian Quiz League – Episode 20

Questions from Episode 20 (15 Mar 2013) of India Quiz League (IQL) being shown on National Geographic Channel India.

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(R1)Which of these rivers flows through four capital cities?
a. Amazon b. Nile c. Danube d. Volga
Ans. Danube

(R1)Which mughal emperor’s tomb is at Sikandara?
a. Babur b. Humayun c. Akbar d. Jehangir
Ans. Akbar

(R1)In non-English speaking countries, which financial organisation is also called a “Bourse’?
a. Bank b. federal reserve c. Stock Exchange d. Insurance Company
Ans. Stock Exchange

(R1)Which of these sportsmen was banned for life by the USADA in August 2012?
a. Lance Armstrong b. Floyd Landis c. ben Johnson d. C.J.Hunter
Ans. Lance Armstrong

(History & Mythology)Which international landmark, completed in 1889, is named after its designer Gustave?
a. Eiffel Tower b. Hoover Dam c. Louvre Museum d. Madison Square garden
Ans. Eiffel Tower

(Sports)Which of these countries’ football team is nicknamed ‘The Azures’?
a. Italy b. Spain c. France d. England
Ans. Italy

(Science & Nature)What anatomical feature is missing from a new born Manx cat?
a. Eyes b. Ears c. Tongue d. Tail
Ans. Tail

(Politics)Which country, in 2011, introduced the world’s first ever fat tax?
a. UK b. Germany c. Italy d. Denmark
Ans. Denmark

(R3)How many pairs of ribs does an average human being have?
a. 10 b. 11 c. 12 d. 13
Ans. 12

(R3)In which country would one find the Pampas grasslands?
a. Bolivia b. Paraguay c. Venezuela d. Argentina
Ans. Argentina

(R3)Which poet wrote the famous song ‘ae mere watan ke logon’?
a. Gulzar b. Sameer c. Kavi Pradeep d. Indeevar
Ans. Kavi Pradeep

(R3)Kierin, Madison, Sprint and Pursuit are all events in which of these sports?
a. Sprinting b. Cycling c. Skiing d. Racewalking
Ans. Cycling