IQL Indian Quiz League – Episode 19

Questions from Episode 19 (14 Mar 2013) of India Quiz League (IQL) being shown on National Geographic Channel India.

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(R1)Marta Kaufmann, Kevin Bright and David Crane are associated with which of these TV shows?
a. Seinfeld b. Friends c. How I met your Mother d. Two and a Half Men
Ans. Friends

(R1)Kim Jong II, who passed away in 2011 , was a dictator in which of these countries?
a. North Korea b. Laos c. Vietnam d. South Korea
Ans. North Korea

(R1)Which of these indian rivers originates from lake Mansarovar?
a. Ganga b. Gomti c. Brahmaputra d. Yamuna
Ans. Brahmaputra

(R1)Who was voted the ICC cricketer of the year in 2012?
a. Kumar Sangakkara b. Jonathan Trott c. Virat Kohli d. Virendar Sehwag
Ans. Virat Kohli

(Sports)In 2002, who did Wisden select as India’s ‘Cricketer of the Century’?
a. Sunil Gavaskar b. Anil Kumble c. Sachin tendulkar d. Kapil Dev
Ans. Kapil Dev

(Lifestyle)Which European country’s high sped rail system is called TGV?
a. Italy b. Spain c. France d. Germany
Ans. France

(Business)Which of these is the name of the Indian Railways mascot?
a. Bholanath b. Bhola c. Bholu d. Bholuram
Ans. Bholu

(R3)Who founded the MNS in 2006?
a. Bal Thackerey b. Raj Thackerey c. Uddhav Thackerey d. Smita Thackerey
Ans. Raj Thackerey

(R3)Who won the 2006 Man Booker Prize for a work titled ‘The Inheritance of Loss’?
a. Anita Desai b. Kiran Desai c. Salman Rushdie d. Arvind Adiga
Ans. Kiran Desai

(R3)Which 20th century event was triggered by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand?
a. WW I b. Vietnam War c. WW II d. Korean War
Ans. WW I

(R3)Whenever Twitter overloads, what appears on the screen?
a. Fail Shark b. Fail Whale c. Fail Elephant d. Fail Dinosaur
Ans. Fail Whale

(R3)Which water body lies between the nations of Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria?
a. White Sea b. Dead Sea c. Caspian Sea d. Black Sea
Ans. Black Sea