IQL Indian Quiz League – Episode 15

Questions from Episode 15 – Semifinal 2 (8 Mar 2013) of India Quiz League (IQL) being shown on National Geographic Channel India.

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(R1)Which of these scientific units is not named after a person?
a. Kilogram b. Ampere c. Kelvin d. Pascal
Ans. Kilogram

(R1)CERN, also known as the European Organization for Nuclear research is located in which of these European cities?
a. Basel b. Zurich c. Lausanne d. geneva
Ans. geneva

(R1)If a person has polydactylism, then what does he have?
a. Baldness b. Extra Fingers c. Excessive thirst d. Excessive Hunger
Ans. Extra Fingers

(R1)Which of these is not a unit of time?
a. Julian Year b. Calendar Year c. Leap Year d. Light Year
Ans. Leap Year

(Entertainment)If he is called omar Shamshoon in the Arabic speaking world, then what does the English speking world call him?
a. Peter Griffin b. Homer Simpson c. Eric Cartman d. Bart Simpson
Ans. Homer Simpson

(Mixed Bag)Normally seen on the sides of airplanes, what does the code VT stand for?
a. Victory Territory b. Viceroy Terminus c. Victoria terminus d. Viceroy Territory
Ans. Viceroy Territory

(Sports)By which of these Sri Lankan Cricketer’s name if the Pallekele International Cricket Stadium also known?
a. Aravinda Da Silva b. Kumar Sangakkara c. Sanath Jayasuriya d. Mutthiah Muralitharan
Ans. Mutthiah Muralitharan

(Politics)Which of these states joined the Indian Union in 1975?
a. Manipur b. izoram c. Tripura d. Sikkim
Ans. Sikkim

(R3)League, Union and Sevens are variants of which sport?
a. Football b. Rugby c. Field Hockey d. Indoor Football
Ans. Rugby

(R3)the multiple award winning Indian musician A.S.Dileep kumar is more popularly known as?
a. A.R.Rahman b. Anu Malik c. Ilayaraja d. Salim Merchant
Ans. A.R.Rahman

(R3)In which of these continents would you find the prarie grasslands?
a. South America b. Asia c. Europe d. North America
Ans. North America

(R3)Rasidi Ticket’ is the title of the autobiography of which famous Indian Artist?
a. Anjolie Ela menon b. Satish Gujral c. Amrita Pritam d. Khushwant Singh
Ans. Amrita Pritam