IQL Indian Quiz League – Episode 13

Questions from Episode 13 (6 Mar 2013) of India Quiz League (IQL) being shown on National Geographic Channel India.

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(R1)The events in which film occur on a planet called Pandora?
a. Star Trek b. Avatar c. The Avengers d. Planet of the Apes
Ans. Avatar

(R1)Which phrase if used in theatre parlance for new actors to ward off bad luck?
a. Break an arm b. Shake a leg c. Break a leg d. Make a move
Ans. Break a leg

(R1)Which of these comic books was created by Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo?
a. Tintin b. Asterix c. Watchmen d. Phantom
Ans. Asterix

(R1)Which of these was invented by Elisha Otis?
a. Television b. Safety Match c. Ball Point Pen d. Safety Elevator
Ans. Safety Elevator

(Sports)During the London Olympics of 2012, where did the archery events take place?
a. Lords, London b. the Oval, London c. Wembley Stadium, London d. The Emirates Stadium, London
Ans. Lords, London

(Entertainment)Which of these directors has directed the films Ocean’s 11, Ocean’s 12 and Ocean’s 13?
a. Steven Spielberg b. Steven Soderbergh c. Oliver Stone d. Robert Rodriguez
Ans. Steven Soderbergh

(Mixed Bag)Which website uses the tagline, ‘We Open Governments’?
a. Wikipedia b. Wikileaks c. The Pirate Bay d. PolitiFact
Ans. Wikileaks

(R3)Which of these countries is known as the ‘Land of the white elephant’?
a. Malaysia b. Indonesia c. Thailand d. Cambodia
Ans. Thailand

(R3)At which ground was the final of the ICC Cricket world Cup 2011 played?
a. Brabourne Stadium b. Wankhade Stadium c. D.Y.Patil Stadium d. Eden Gardens
Ans. Wankhade Stadium

(R3)Who was the only Governor General of independent India?
a. Muhammad Ali Jinnah b. C.Rajagopalachari c. Sardar Vallabhai Patel d. Sukumar Sen
Ans. C.Rajagopalachari

(R3)Moccasins, Loafers and Mules are all types of what?
a. Shirts b. Trousers c. Scarves d. Shoes
Ans. Shoes