IQL Indian Quiz League – Episode 10

Questions from Episode 10 – Semifinal 2(1 Mar 2013) of India Quiz League (IQL) being shown on National Geographic Channel India.

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(R1)Professor Charles Xavier is known as the founder of which of these?
a. G.I.Joe b. The Avengers c. The X-Men d. Justice League of America
Ans. The X-Men

(R1)The Alphonso Mango is named after Afonso de Albuquerque, who belonged to which of these empires?
a. French b. Spanish c. Portugese d. English
Ans. Portugese

(R1)With which of these products if the 7X formula associated?
a. 7UP b. Sprite c. Coca-Cola d. Pepsi
Ans. Coca-Cola

(R1)If one crosses the Bering Strait, from where to where are you likely to go?
a. USA-Russia b. Australia-NZ c. Malaysia-Indonesia d. Turkey-Greece
Ans. USA-Russia

(Entertainment)Which filmmaker has worked as a scriptwriter for the films Satya, Kaun and Mumbai Cutting?
a. Vishal Bharadwaj b. Anurag Basu c. Anurag Kashyap d. Ram Gopal Verma
Ans. Anurag Kashyap

(Sports)Swiss Tennis Start Martina Hingis has won her only grand slam event in mixed doules with which of these Indian players?
a. Mahesh Bhupathi b. Rohan Bopanna c. Leander Paes d. Prakash Amritraj
Ans. Mahesh Bhupathi

(Mixed Bag)What does the Scoville Heat Index measure?
a. Relative Temperature b. Crime Rates c. Population Heat Signature d. Hotness of Chillies
Ans. Hotness of Chillies

(History & Mythology)Legendary traveller Marco Polo used the term Cathay for which of these present day countries?
a. Mongolia b. China c. Tibet d. Bhutan
Ans. China

(R3)In Arabic, what does the word Sahara mean?
a. Lake b. Mountain c. Grassland d. Desert
Ans. Desert

(R3)In terms of medals won, which is India’s most successful sport at the Olympics?
a. Shooting b. Wrestling c. Hockey d. Boxing
Ans. Hockey

(R3)Part of which James Bond film was shot in Udaipur?
a. Tomorrow Never Dies b. Golden Eye c. Octopussy d. License to Kill
Ans. Octopussy

(R3)All banknotes issues in India are guaranteed by which body?
a. World Bank b. Central Government c. RBI d. Ministry of Finance
Ans. Central Government