October 100 Rupee Quiz – Answers

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1) Identify this person.

Gandhi. See the wikipedia article on Gandhi

2) Second generation Indians in the UK are called by a particular word/term because of the fact that they are brown from outside (skin colour), but white on the inside (behave like the whites). What word ?
Coconuts (Could be guessed by the description)

3) Identify this musical instrument.


4)Connect Sergeant, Abroad, Behind, Cabby, Camping, Cleo, Columbus, Constable, Cowboy, Cruising, Dick, Doctor, Emmanuelle, England, Girls, Henry, Jack, Loving, Matron, Nurse, Regardless, Screaming, Spying, Teacher and few others.
The “Carry-on” series of Movies

5) When you get “plutoed”, what does it mean?
To be demoted from your current position. Derived from the recent news of Pluto being deprived of its status of being a planet. Check out Plutoed.com.

6) A still from the movie U571. Identify the person on the left.

Jon Bon Jovi.

7) The name of this brand of camera was originally derived from the Buddhist goddess of compassion and mercy. Which brand?
Canon from Kwanon. Check out the page on origin of the Canon Logo.

8) The people of Pentecost Island used to do something to make sure that the ground was fertile enough for the next year’s crop. What ?
Land Diving/N’gol/Nagol, the forefather of Bungee Jumping.

9) According to Article 366(2) of the Indian Constitution, who is defined as “…a person whose father or any of whose other male progenitors in the male line is or was of European descent but who is domiciled within the territory of India and is or was born within such territory of parents habitually resident therein and not established there for temporary purposes only”.

10) Identify this pair.

Bill and Hillary Clinton

11) Identify this forgotten hero.

Khashaba Jadhav. The faint symbol of the olympic rings in the picture could have helped.

12) Identify this famous bridge.

This is the “actual” Bridge on the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi in Thailand. I was lucky to get a photo of the bridge when a train was passing through it. I had been there as part of the Kanchanaburi trip. The Bridge used in the movie was built in Ceylon. See this article for more details.

13) The command “High, Jack!” was a slang used to tell a person being robbed to raise his arms into the air. The origins of a word, more famous now, are rumoured to have been from this command. Which word ?
Easy one. Hijack!

14) This country is named after Mouzinho de Alburquerque , a 19th Century Portuguese colonalist who put down rebellions in the territory and established Portuguese control. Which country ?

15) The link here gives the scorecard of the second ODI (in the Sep/Oct 1983 series) between India and Pakistan at Jaipur on Oct 2nd 1983. A new rule was introduced in this match. Which one ? This is the second Oct 2nd related question in this quiz!
The answer is there on the page itself. This was the first match when no-balls and wides were credited to the bowlers.

16) Identify the respective entities (states/Union Territories) to which the four dotted areas belong to. The dots are not according to scale and the position of the dots is not 100% accurate. But, if you understood the reason behind the question, then you would get the answers.

All of them them belong to the UT of Pondicherry/Puducherry

17) Identify the missing one. Pythian, Isthmian, Nemean and ?
Olympian. Check out the Wiki article

18) Identify this statue. This is a photo of its base.

statue of Gommateshwara Bahubali at Shravanabelagola

19) This phrase is derived from the practice of serving a particular “Dish” to unwelcome guests during olden times. The meaning of this phrase is to “deliberately ignore or disregard”. Which two-word phrase?
Cold Shoulder

20) What is common to all the people in this photograph?

All the people involved in the Gandhi Assasination. Photograph taken from the book “Freedom at Midnight”

21) What english word is derived from the arabic word meaning “The Date Palm from India”?
Tamarind from tamar-i-hind.

22) How do we better know this famous stamp?

Penny Black. Check the wiki article on Penny Black

23) If you are caught by a cop for DUI, you are in serious trouble. What is DUI ?
Driving under Influence (of alcohol or drugs)

24) The photo below is that of a standard helicopter. The rotor on top of the helicopter is used to lift the helicopter off the ground and when slanted at an agle, to propel the helicopter forward. What is the smaller vertical rotor at the tail of the helicopter needed for ?

Application of Newton’s third law. When the rotor on top rotates in a direction, the body of the helicopter would tend to rotate in the opposite direction. The rotor at the back is in a direction opposite to this rotation, thus preventing the helicopter from spinning around on a vertical axis.

25) According to English law, what is deemed to be the first priority for payment from the estate of a deceased person?
Funeral expenses

26) Complete the blank. The “XX XX” stands for the same two words which appear many times in the text. They might give you a clue as to what _____ might be.
An epitome of beauty, she is full of grace, radiates warmth and keeps you comfortable in every way. She is indeed XX XX _______ – which distinguishes her from her counterparts in other jobs. A typical XX XX _______ is warm with a pleasing personality. A keen interest in people and places along with being dedicated and conscientious is what makes her unique. She is intelligent, committed, enthusiastic and creative. Her traditional welcome is like no other’s and for her it is a pleasure more than a duty to serve you as a special guest aboard XX XX.

XX XX – Air India. The blank is Air Hostess.

27) Which is the longest word in the english language which has all its letters in the proper alphabetical order ?
Aegilops, a type of grass

28) Identify the circled island in the picture below. This island is inhabited by a tribe who refuse any kind of contact with the outside world and are reputed to be amongst the last few people on earth to remain untouched by modern civilisation?

North Sentinel Island. The wiki article on the sentinelese tribe.

29) What is the primary difference in the arrows used to shoot at humans and the ones used to shoot at animals ?
Only very few got this right. The differences arised from the fact that human beings stand on two legs whereas animals are on fours. So, the way the rib cages are oriented are different. For the arrow to penetrate the rib cage and hit any vital organ, it must be oriented in way such that it can pass through the gaps. For humans, the arrow head is horizontal whereas for animals, the arrow head is vertical.

30) What happens when two rikhishis meet inside a dohyo?
A sumo wresting match happens!

31) “He’s fun and friendly, he’s on the go,
he’s cool as they come … he’s ????”

Mello, the Mascot for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

32) Four elements in the periodic table have derived their name from this town in sweden. Which town?
Yttrium, Ytterbium, Erbium, and Terbium from the village of Ytterby.

33) Identify the brand being advertised.

Mastercard. (Safe Transactions was a giveaway). One person said “I think you should avoid such questions. School students attempting this quiz might not know about it”. Very true. I guess, to use a credit card, you have to be more than 18 years old. Anyone lesser than that might not know the answer to this question 🙂

34)Guru Jambheshwar laid down 29 principles to be followed by a sect of people. He also told them to worship Lord Vishnu. The Hindi translation of the number 29 and the local pronunciation of the name of Lord Vishnu led to this sect being called by its current name. Which community?
Bishnoi Sect.


Miss World 2006 Tatana Kucharova

Hope you enjoyed the quiz.