January 100 Rupee Quiz

Welcome to the January 100 Rupee Quiz.
Some details about this quiz.


  1. There will be one quiz a month. A mail will be sent to all the major quizzing groups as soon as the quiz is posted.
  2. Answers are to be sent by email to the email id 100rsquiz at gmail.
  3. The prize for each quiz is a 100 Indian Rupee Gift Voucher from Fabmall.
  4. The prize will be give to the highest scorer in each quiz. If there is more than entry with the same highest score, then the prize would be given to the person whose email was received earlier.
  5. The prize (the voucher) would be sent to the email id from which the answers were received.
  6. Any number of attempts can be mailed. The latest attempt will be considered for the scoring.
  7. Needless to say, you are allowed to beg, borrow or google for the answers. Googling has become synonymous with quizzing. So, i hope that atleast some of the questions would give you a “a-ha” after begging, borrowing or googling.
  8. Also, check out my quizzing section, where i collate links to interesting quiz sites/blogs.
  9. As always, my decision is final in all matters including the selection of the winners and by attempting this quiz, you accept this supreme and unquestionable authority!

Quiz 4 – January 1st

1)Identify the guy on the right, who has recently gained notoriety for a different avatar. Maybe his fingers would give you a clue.

2) Identify the beach. This photo was taken after the 2004 tsunami. 1 more point for identifying where the photo was taken from. Google Earth might help you in this.

3)This is the paypal logo. The story goes that one person was called for an interview at PayPal and asked to show his skills by designing a logo. He designed the logo below which is continued to be used as the PayPal logo even today. He cleared the interview and was offered the job as Paypal’s first designer. This guy went on to create something more famous. His “creation” was taken over by another giant and in the process he became very rich (well, the money is yet to come to him). Who is he and what did he “create”?

4) The official website of BITS,Pilani is http://www.bits-pilani.ac.in. What does “ac” stand for?

5)Where would you find a mail from Buck after he comes back from Hawaii, a mail from Caitlin Roran about a surprise party, a mail from Susan about plans for having sushi and a mail from Nathan wood about barbeque on Saturday?

6) Prime Minister Manmohan Singh recently declared June 29th as the National ____ day.

7) All of us might know Bond, James Bond. Where would you find Bai, presented Bai?

8) A product Y was also nicknamed X’s Little wonder. X is the CEO of the company making the product Y. Identify X and Y.

9) Jim W Burke c Cowdrey b Tony Lock for 22 runs in a match between England and Australia. What is the significance of this one wicket?

10) Three other names which were rejected were New Judea , Judea and Zion. What was the name finally decided upon ?

11) In 1988, to commemorate the 100th year of the birth Jawaharlal Nehru, what was introduced with the name being a hindi translation of “100th year”?

12) What is the nickname given to the technology where GPS enabled cellphones help parents track their kids whereabouts ?

13) What is the word being searched for in google (click on the pic below to see a bigger version).

14) Who are the three australian cricketeers who are retiring from International test Cricket at the end of the current Ashes series?

15) What is the cleaim to fame of the beach marked below ?

16) All of them started at Changan, then went through the Gansu corridor finally reaching Taklimakan. Some of the variations passed through Yumen Guan, Gobi desert and the city of Loulan. What are we talking about ?

17) How do we better know the lady in the middle? This is a photo from one of the plays she acted in, but she is much more popular for a character she “assumes” on TV.

18) Connect the two “gods” below to get a term in science.

19) Which are the two countries which joined the EU on 1st January 2007?

20) A 47 year old journalist, a 44 year old actress/writer, a 23 year old former beauty queen, a 61 year old actor, a 22 year old rock singer, a 29 year old singer/actor, a 19 year old football agent, a 25 year old reality TV star and her mom, Michael Jackson’s brother, a 27 year old singer, a 79 year old film director, a 58 year old Singer/Songwriter and a 31 year old actress from Mumbai. Who is this actress from Mumbai?

21) Identify the sport being played.

22) Connect the images below. I have given only few images of the many others required for the complete connect.

23) Identify the three people in this photograph.

24) Identify.

25) Given below is a photo of a couple. Identify their daughter, who was recently involved in a controversy?

26) Identify this famous place.

27) Consider this situation. A batsman is facing a bowler known to be the best leg spinner in the world. This bowler does not bowl wrong ones or straighter ones, just his usual dangerous leg spinners. He bowls one such leg spinner and the batsman brings his front foot forward and tries to play it. But, he misses the ball and the ball hits him on the full on his foot which is in direct line of the stumps around 3 foot in front of the stumps. It was obvious that the ball would have spun and missed the off stump by a long way had he left the ball, but the umpire declared him out because of a peculiar clause in the rules of LBW. What ?

28) The Pug breed of dogs have recently become very popular in India and the price of that breed has gone up tremendously. Why ?

29) Kaiserbad spa in the town of Kerlovy Vary in the Czech Republic recently took the name of something else. What?

30) Chatham islands (some say Kiribati) are the first and Samoa is the last. In what?