August Quiz – Answers

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1) During the late 1700s, a person named James Daly made a bet that he could introduce a word into the language within twenty-four hours. He then went out and hired a bunch of street urchins to write the word on walls around the city. Within a day, the word became well known and had acquired a meaning. Everyone thought it meant “some sort of test”, as they didn’t know the actual meaning of the word. What word did he coin?
Ans: The word “quiz”.

2) Which English word originates from the first 2 Greek Letters?
Ans: The word “Alphabet” from alpha and beta

3) Ampersand : & :: Octothorpe : # :: ??? : Infinity Sign (sleeping 8)
Ans: Lemniscate

4)”,GGLJ:2006-20,GGLJ:en&q=rajaram+sethuraman”. What am i doing ?
Ans: Ego-surfing or Ego-googling (mentioning “Searching for my name” is not enough)

5) Connect Labs, Scholar, Alerts, Sets and X ?
Ans: All are google Products. Check the google labs page.

6) Complete the passage- “It’s almost like a powder. (The) ground mass is very fine.
I’m going to step off the LM now.
Ans. “One small step for man, but a giant leap for mankind”.

7) In “The C++ Programming Language” Bjarne Stroustrup has quotes at the beginning of each chapter; the quote at the beginning of chapter 13 is “Your quote here”. What does Chapter 13 talk about ? Below are the starting pages of Chapters 12 and 13.Click to see a bigger version.

Ans: Templates, indicating that you can customise/parameterize your own classes

8) There are groups of women in US who often go up in arms for the cause of Women’s rights and other exploitation issues. Once this group staged a massive protest against the publication of Playboy which they said portrayed women as sex objects. Playboy in turn argued that the magazine was not only bought by people for the pictures but for the educative and informative articles in them. They gave a very strong proof to support this argument. What ?
Ans: The Braille edition of Playboy is the sixth best selling book reproduced in braille by the Government.

9) In the olden days people would have their yearly bath in the month of May. June was the month when weddings normally took place. So by the time the time of wedding came, both the bride and the groom would start to stink. What practice has its origin because of this reason?
Ans: The practice of brides carrying a bouquet of flowers

10) China regulates internet access very tightly, in fact occasionally, sites like blogspot have been banned. What creative term has been coined by Chinese IT guys to describe this access control?
Ans: The Great Firewall of China

11) This is a pic of Downtown Atlanta. What is the claim to fame of the marked building?

Ans: That is the “Sun Trust Bank”. The formula of Coke is stored in a vault there.

12) Connect these seven Flags. The second flag in the second row is not in the “F” format. Just that the third horizontal strip is in black, the same colour as the background.

Ans: The Flags of the seven emirates of the UAE.

13) Below you see two pictures, one of a man’s shirt and another of a woman’s shirt. There is one small, but significant difference between the shirts (nothing stupid like the size, colour, brand etc). What is this difference and what is the historical reason for it ?

Ans: The man’s shirt has buttons on the right and a woman’s shirt on the left. In olden days, women had servants to help them wear their shirts. So, to make it easy for a servant to button the
shirt, the buttons for a woman’s shirt were placed on the left i.e. to the right for the servant.

14) In 1931, the famous illustrator Haddon Sundblom created an advertisement featuring Santa Claus with X. This resulted in the way we see Santa Today. Identify X.
Ans: Coca-Cola. That is why, we see Santa in red and white today.

15) What is the claim to fame of the guy below, whose first name is Dennis?

Ans: He is Dennis Hwang, the designer of the Google Logos, which appear on the main google page.I gave the first name because a google search of “Dennis Google” (His tshirt shows google) would get you the answer. You can see all the Google Holiday logos at The Google Holiday Logos Page.

16) In 1999, AT&T wanted to increase its public awareness. So, their advertising consultants came up with an idea to place their product into a TV programme. What idea and which programme?
Ans: The phone-a-friend in “Who wants to be a millionaire”


17) Connect the picture below to the Mojave National Preserve in California. I am looking for a phrase.Btw, this is a bad question if asked in any stage/written quiz. Since this is an online quiz and googling is allowed, i guess this will pass.

Ans: “Hole in the wall”. ATM banking is also known as “Hole in the wall” banking. The mojave National Preserve is famous for its “Hole in the wall” structures. Check out their site here.

18) What do you mean by pornoake?
Ans: Giving sounds to porn movies running in the background, like karaoke !

19) is a site where one can upload videos and share it with others. What is the website which has copied this concept (similar naming) for upload and sharing of porn videos and photos?

20) Identify the movie whose trailers are currently been shown as being within a postage stamp?

Ans: Lage Raho Munna Bhai

21) September 11 was not the first instance of an aeroplane crashing onto a skyscraper in New York. On July 28th, 1945, a B-52 bomber crashed into the 79th floor of another skyscraper. Which one?
Ans: The Empire State Building. Check out this site for more details.

22) Many of us love travelling. But, if you are caught travelling in a sport, you can be penalised. Which one ?
Ans: Basketball.Check out the wiki entry on this.

23) What in online quizzing circles is known as a “NG question” ?
Ans: A non-googleable question.

24) What do you get if you count the number of times a cricket chirps in one minute, subtract it by 40, then divide it by 4 and finally add 50?
Ans: The temperature of the place in fahrenheit

25) What do you have to do to become a member of “The Mile High Club”?
Ans: Have sex on a plane, while in flight.

26) Google’s website offers alternative versions in languages ranging from regular ones such as French or German to the more exotic ones such as Pig Latin. If this was the page, which version would you be viewing?Click for a bigger version.

Ans: The Hackers version.Check out the google page for hackers.

27) Hattie McDaniel (Mammy) and Butterfly McQueen (Prissy), two actresses with major roles in Gone with the Wind could not attend the movie’s premiere in Atlanta, though they wanted to. Why?
Ans: The movie was being screened in a “Whites” area of Atlanta and they didn’t want to go to that area.

28) This utility was named after a submariner’s term for a sonar pulse that would typically help find objects around. In a network context it performs a similar function. Which tool?
Ans: Ping

29) Identify these waterfalls from Southern India.

Ans: Jog Falls, in karnataka. It is the highest waterfall in India

30) Connect these two images.

Ans: Shoes. (The first image is Nike, the goddess of victory and the second is the Rheebok deer)

31) What has been blanked out in the Dilbert cartoon below ?

Ans: “an IIT”

32) What is the game being played below? Click for a bigger version


Ans: Croquet

33) What are the real names of the two people (in the front) in this picture ?

Ans: Karol Józef Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II) and Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu (Mother teresa)

34)Architecturally, which is the only arched structure in the world that can be built without a supporting structure to start with?
Ans: An Igloo

35) Which is the only country to have its map on its flag ?
Ans: Cyprus

36) What does this signal mean in the game of cricket?

Ans: One-Short i.e. the player has turned back for another run without reaching inside the crease.

37) Pollock to Sangakkara, another fuller length delivery outside the off stump, Sangakkara goes for the drive and ends up hitting it in the air towards point, didn’t get his foot to the pitch of the ball but went through with the shot – X swoops forward and takes it inches away from the ground. Y is heard commenting “The Z has got another wicket”. Identify X, Y and Z.
Ans: X-Hashim Amla, Y-Dean Jones, Z-Terrorist

38) Connect Squidgy, Monica, Water and Camilla amongst many others.
Ans: Scandals with “gate” suffixed to them

39) A doll within a doll within a doll within a doll within.. is better known as
Ans: Matryoshka Dolls

40) Which word describes a sentence such as “Sixty zippers were quickly picked from the woven jute bag”?
Ans: Pangram, a sentence which has all the 26 letters of the alphabet

41) Choose the correct answer
Former world champion in Chess Ruslan Ponomariov , while playing in Bulgaria in 2003 had to forfeit a game because

Ans: a) His cell phone rang during a match he was playing

42) Absolutely Everybody who’s anybody watches ______.Which television channel ?
Ans: Star World

43) How do we better know the phrase “Zoning Improvement Plan” ?
Ans: ZIP (ZIP Code)

44) Connect

I have purposefully blacked out a section of the first pic.

Ans: Who dares wins. It is the motto of SAS whose logo is the first pic. The second pic is Mike Whitney, the australian cricketeer who was the host of the show “Who dares wins”

45) A 10th century ruler, Veera Ballala, lost his way hunting in a forest.Night fell, as he wandered around the forest, lost. He came upon a cottage, where an old woman lived. She offered him shelter and shared with him her dinner of “benda Kalu” or Boiled Beans. The king stayed for the night and the next morning, before he left , he told the old woman that she could for anything she wanted. All she asked for, was a supply of food enough for herself and any other traveller passing through. This incident became part of folklore that when a village was set up there, it was called “Benda Kaluru” (Town of Bolied beans). How do we know this place now?
Ans: Bangalore

46) Identify the state marked by ?

Ans: Chattisgarh

47) Which structure during its earliest phase of construction looked like this ?

Ans: Eiffel Tower. You could have guessed it from the empty space on top of the picture. See the page on the construction of the Eiffel Tower

48) Until July 31st, he held the record for the longest serving Defence Minister, after which he had to assume the duties of the president in a temporary transfer of power. Who?
Ans: Raul Castro, the brother of Fidel Castro

49) The below pic is a caricature/cartoon of which (in)famous movie, released on DVD?

Ans: One Night in Paris, the home-made movie of Paris Hilton

50) Between the years 1916-1931, which currency was the legal tender in what is now Iraq?
Ans: The Indian Rupee

51) The ironic thing is what they need to do is to get Syria, to get Hezbollah to stop doing this ___, and it’s over.” Fill in the blank.
Ans: “Shit”, said by Bush to Blair.

52) To whom is the domain extension .ps allotted ?
Ans: Palestine

53) What is the name given to the connection wire between an Astronaut and his spacecraft during extra-vehicular activity?
Ans: Umbilical cord

54) On what occassion did google use this logo on their webpage?

Ans: Holi

55) Identify this stadium, as seen through Google Earth.Click on the pic for a bigger picture.

Ans: Lords

56) Identify this place. The shape and colour of something in this pic might give you a clue.

Ans: Red Square, Moscow

57) Identify this place linked to the mainland by a bridge.

Ans: Venice

58) Which video in the year 2005 won the AVN(Adult Video news) award for “Best Selling Title of the Year”, “Best Renting Title of the Year” and “Best Overall Marketing Campaign – Individual Project.”?
Ans: One Night in Paris

59) Identify the brand of Jeans. What does the Arabic name mean?

Ans: Al Quds meaning “Jerusalem”.

60) The last question of the quiz.
What is a block shaped like a human foot, used by a cobbler for making or repairing shoes called ?
Ans: Last.

Hope you enjoyed the quiz