Fastest Finger First India Quiz

Yesterday, i organised a fastest finger first quiz based on India at my work place. A relatively simple quiz, basically a test of who can respond the fastest over Microsoft Communicator either by virtue of knowing the answer or googling for it. Given below are the questions and answers.

  • Which Bollywood actor’s real name  is Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia? Akshay Kumar
  • which management institute, acc to the economist “is the toughest in the world to get into”? IIM Ahmedabad
  • Recent Ad in indian newspapers. Simple. Safe. Secure. fast.www. For what? Google Chrome
  • Gandhari had 101 children. One of them, a daughter was Duhshala. Who were the other hundred? The Kauravas
  • The name of which place translates to “That which cannot be conquered by war”? Ayodhya
  • ——- —— and Gagan Narang won India’s first gold in CWG in2010  the Pairs 10 m Air Rifle Mens event today morning in the CWG. Abhinav Bindra
  • What does this map show details of ?

    Pin Code distribution in India

  • In which city in India will you find the Veer Savarkar Airport? Port Blair
  •  The Ayodhya verdict is a 3 way split between the Muslims (Sunni Waqf board), Hindus (Ram Lalla) and  and who? Nirmohi Akhara
  • In Hindi it is called Saunf what is it called in English? Fennel Seeds
  • Who is the composer of the song “yaaron, India bulaa liya” ? A R Rahman. This is the theme song of CWG 2010
  • Rajana Sonawane of Tembhli village in Maharashtra was the first Indian to get what? UID Card
  • Chichen Itza, Christ the redeemer, Colosseum, Great Wall of China, Machu Pichu, Petra and ?. Complete the list Taj Mahal, the new seven wonders of the world
  • The movie 3 idiots is based on which Chetan Bhagat’s novel ? Five point someone
  • Which film is India’s official entry at the Oscars in 2010? Peepli Live
  • What is the name of Vijay Mallya’s formula one team? Force India
  • Legend has it that this city is the ancestral village of Guru Dronacharya. In Sanskrit, Guru means teacher and Gram means village. and hence this village was known as Guru-gram. Over time, it has acquired its present name. Which city? Gurgaon
  • This game was invented by British Soldiers in Pune in the 19th century and was called Poona originally. What is this game’s current name? Badminton
  • Which country walked first in the parade in the CWG opening ceremony on Oct 3rd and why? Australia. The previous host walks out first.
  • Which music band’s website is Euphoria
  • Which song, according to a BBC Radio report filed in 1993, “had all of India hot under the collar”? Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai
  • it was set up as  India’s first national park in 1936. Project Tiger was inaugurated here on 1973. Which park? Jim Corbett National park.
  • This Indian state has just four districts named North, East, West and South. Which state? Sikkim
  • Which is the national aquatic animal of India? River Dolphin

Rajaram S